In-State Receiver Talks Visits

Steven Staggs, a three-star, 6-2, 185 pound receiver with 4.46 speed, took a visit to one in-state school this past weekend, and is headed to Iowa City for a visit soon. Read what Steven had to say about his visits, a possible scholarship offer, and more in this premium recruiting Q&A.

Q: You're taking some visits this month…

Steven Staggs: I just went up to UNI last weekend, and I'm going to Iowa the weekend of the 25th. That'll be the last visit I take.

Q: You were looking at Air Force earlier..

Staggs: They wanted me to go out there for a visit. I told them I wasn't going to come out, I don't really have that much interest in them.

Q: How'd the UNI visit go?

Staggs: It went really well. They offered me a scholarship and I had a really good time out there.

Q: Was there anything that you hadn't seen before at UNI?

Staggs: I hadn't seen the school part. I had seen the UNI-Dome, and that was pretty much it. I got to see more of the school, more of the facilities. That was cool to see.

Q: How have conversations with other schools been going?

Staggs: Army came out yesterday. My recruiting coach and the head coach, Sam Brock came out and talked about stuff. Coach Morgan was at our basketball practice today. I got a chance to talk with him after about my visit in a couple weeks.

Q: What is Iowa saying in terms of a potential offer?

Staggs: They haven't really said much. They said they're going to take a couple more guys on scholarship, and they really left it at that.

Q: Have they made their pitch for a walk-on spot?

Staggs: At the very least, they said they'd give me a preferred walk-on spot. They're only giving about 5 or 6 guys a preferred walk-on. Kansas State and Purdue both offered me preferred walk-on too.

Q: If it came down to a preferred walk-on vs. the UNI scholarship, where would you be leaning right now?

Staggs: I don't know. I just need to take my visit, see what happens.

Q: Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to up in Iowa City?

Staggs: I really want to get a chance to talk with Coach Erb. I haven't talked with him for a while. Just talk with him about the depth chart, and how things are going up there.

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