Once Again, Prater Solid with Iowa

Heading into the weekend, Iowa had commitments from both Shaun and Shane Prater out of Omaha, Nebraska. Shane cancelled a scheduled visit to Lincoln, but Shaun did spend the weekend in Huskerland. Despite the best efforts of the Nebraska staff, Shaun remains solid with Iowa. Read more from Shaun in this premium Q&A.

Q: How'd the visit go for you?

Shaun Prater: It went well. I was real comfortable with the coaches and players, it went smoothly.

Q: Where did you stand, going in?

Prater: I was just going with an open mind, trying to get to know the coaches.

Q: Were you surprised by much of what oyu saw?

Prater: Not much. I was expecting all of it. It was alright.

Q: Were they trying to swing you one way or the other?

Prater: They were trying their hardest to sway me their way. Every coach kept telling me I was a top priority for the team. They wanted me to decomit from Iowa and come there.

Q: Where do you stand right now?

Prater: I'm still a solid commitment with Iowa, nothing has changed. I went down there just to give those guys a chance, to look at their coaching staff.

Q: What were your conversations like with the Iowa staff, were they aware you'd be taking this visit?

Prater: Yeah. I told them, they said they were OK with it, they knew I was a Hawkeye already. They were fine with it.

Q: Are you planning on any other visits, anything else out to Nebraska?

Prater: Nothing at all.

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