Jake Reisen Visits Iowa City

Jake Reisen, a 6-2, 200 pound LB out of Regina High School, will be deciding between three in-state schools soon. Before he makes his decision, he needed to take a visit to Iowa City. Read what he had to say the day after in this premium recruiting Q&A.

Jake Reisen, a senior at Regina High School in Iowa City recently received a grayshirt offer to attend the University of Iowa. In order to help make his decision, he took and official visit to the Hawkeye campus this weekend. We caught up with Jake on Sunday, after his visit, to see how it went.

Q: What did you get up to this weekend?

Jake Reisen: We had academic meetings on Saturday Morning, then we went to the complex all day. We talked to Coach Doyle. We saw the press box, the whole stadium. After lunch, we went to the basketball game, at 5.

Q: Living in iowa City, you're pretty familiar. Was there anything that you were surprised by?

Reisen: It was the first time I'd seen the academic building, but I'd kind of seen everything else. It wasn't really new to me, I guess.

Q: What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Reisen: The most interesting was the player panel. Just the players were in there, no coaches. We got to ask them questions, and it was the most useful, I think.

Q: What sort of questions?

Reisen: We just asked about what it's like playing at Iowa, the social life, academics, things like that.

Q: Where do you sit in terms of your decision-making?

Reisen: I'll probably make my decision in the next couple of days.

Q: Who all is vying for your services, at this point?

Reisen: I have a grayshirt offer from Iowa and Iowa State, and a scholarship to UNI.

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