Reisen Picks Iowa over ISU, UNI

Jake Reisen, a 6-2, 205 pound LB out of Regina High School in Iowa City, has decided to accept a grayshirt offer from the University of Iowa, just two days after his official visit. Read more about Jake, his decision, and what exactly a grayshirt is in this premium recruiting update.

Jake Reisen, a 6-2, 205 pound LB out of Regina High School in Iowa City, Iowa has made a grayshirt commitment to the University of Iowa. For Reisen, that means he'll be on campus during the Fall 2008 semester, paying his own tuition, etc., but won't be able to participate in any team activates until Spring 2008, when his scholarship actually begins.

"It's hard, but I can still apply for the fall semester, live in Hillcrest, be around the guys for the most part," Reisen said. "I just won't be able to work out, be a part of the team in the fall semester."

Two years ago, Julian Vandervelde made a similar commitment. Just days before fall camp began, Julian received word there was an open scholarship, and immediately joined the team. Reisen said that it may work out in the same way for him.

"If a couple guys de-commit, I could definitely be scholarship come fall," he said. Coming off a season with approximately 140 tackles, 90 solo, and four interceptions, Reisen was seeing grayshirt interest from both Iowa State and Iowa, as well as a full and immediate scholarship offer from Northern Iowa. In the end, he chose to stick with the hometown team.

"Being from Iowa City, it's pretty hard to pass up going to Iowa," he said. "I called Coach Morgan, and he was just really excited to have me. He's going to stop by (Regina) to talk a little more about it."

Reisen said the staff has him projected at middle linebacker, the same position he played at Regina.

Reisen is the third commitment in the class of 2008 from the state of Iowa, joining James Ferentz and James Vandenberg.

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