Another Nielsen Visits Iowa City

Tyler Nielsen was one of the top-rated prospects in the country at his position last year. This year, Humboldt has another Nielsen attracting some attention, in Tyler's brother, Nick. Nick currently has preferred walk-on offers from Iowa and Iowa State. Read about Nick, his visit, and a timeline for his decision in this premium recruiting update.

Q: Run down your weekend for me.

Nick Nielsen: We got there, we took a big tour of the facilities, talked with the coaches. We got ot know the coaches a little bit more. We talked to some academic people. Before you went down on the visit, you told thme what you were interested in academically, they picked a representative from each major. We got to talk with them, knowing a little bit more about that stuff. We went to the basketball game, talked to all the coaches.

Q: Who was your host?

Nielsen: Nick Kuchel was my host. I'd met him before, but I'd never talked him.

Q: What is the offer situation with Iowa right now?

Nielsen: A preferred walk-on.

Q: Are you looking at anybody else?

Nielsen: I'm going to go on a visit to Iowa State next weekend. It's pretty much the same deal with them.

Q: Is your family encouraging you to go to one school or the other, with your brother at Iowa?

Nielsen: They leave it all up to me. They're going to support my decision either way.

Q: Where does Iowa have you playing at?

Nielsen: They don't really know yet. They say it's a good thing, that I'm a versatile athlete and everything. I could play a number of positions.

Q: Where did you play in high school?

Nielsen: I played quarterback on offense, and on defense I play outside linebacker. At Iowa, they want me to play either strong safety, outside linebacker, slot receiver, tight end maybe.

Q: Is there a spot you'd rather be?

Nielsen: Wherever I can contribute the most is where I want to be. I don't want to sit on the bench the whole four years.

Q: You're going to take a few days after the ISU visit, talk it over with your family?

Nielsen: Yeah. I'm probably going to do a bit of hard thinking after the Iowa State visit, and then come up with a decision about where I want to go.

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