James Ferentz Talks About His Official Visit

James Ferentz, the #6-ranked center in the nation according to Scout.com, finally took his official visit to his father's program. Read more from James about how his visit went, his plans for the future, and finally becoming a Hawkeye in this premium recruiting update.

Q: Obviously there's not much you haven't seen at this point, but what'd you get a chance to explore?

James Ferentz: It was a lot more academic than the facilities. It's more getting a feel for how the academic life will be. I met with Coach Morgan, talked about the offense, things that I should get ready to know when I'm walking into it. There are a lot of things you learn when you take a visit. More about how the life is, what I need to know.

Q: Was that the sort of stuff you wouldn't have seen, even being the coach's son?

Ferentz: I've never been on the inside like this. This gave me more a feeling about how it would be as a player, and not just the coach's son.

Q: Was there anything you were surprised with? Anything that took you off guard?

Ferentz: Not really. The learning center they have is really top-notch. A lot of the academic things, I really didn't know anything about.

Q: Do you know what you're hoping to study?

Ferentz: I have no clue. They just make you feel really comfortable. It's OK not to have an idea, it's reassuring.

Q: It's got to be exciting, just a few days from officially becoming a Hawkeye, after watching Brian and your Dad be a part of it.

Ferentz: I'm extremely excited for Wednesday. It's really a dream come true, it's something I've been looking to do for quite a while now. As it closes in, it starts to set in even more, it's really a great feeling.

Q: What is the staff telling you about the summer, are they hoping to put more weight on?

Ferentz: I talked to Coach Doyle, I talked to my Dad, I talked to Coach Morgan, and they said to focus more on the technique aspects of the game at this point, learn the offense. Coach Doyle told me, "In time, they weight will come." They've got programs, it works. It worked with my brother Brian, he was able to put on enough weight to play. We'll just work on the technique, football fundamentals more than weight.

Q: You said last time we talked that it got frustrating to not get many ‘football' answers from your dad, (out of respect for City High and its football staff) is it nice to finally get some answers when you ask?

Ferentz: It'll be good to finally get some real feedback from him. I know it all won't be good. Do I know what I'm really getting myself into? (Laughs) It'll be great to finally sit down and talk Hawkeye football instead of how's his team, how's my team, stuff like that.

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