Up Close: LB Tom Busch

The momentum just continues to swing towards Iowa's direction in light of verbal commitment #7 for the Hawkeyes in LB Tom Busch. HTO.com caught up with Tom to gain his insights on his early decision and why he felt he belonged at the University of Iowa.

How does it feel to be a Hawkeye?

Tom Busch: "It feels good. In fact, it feels really good."

With three visits lined up in the month of December, what was the deciding factor in the Hawkeyes gaining your commitment this early?

Tom Busch: "I felt it was time. I wanted to focus on football during the season so I decided I'd announce as soon as I felt comfortable after the season. My season ended last Saturday, and I saw no reason not to commit to Iowa. I have been 100% comfortable with Iowa for a while. There was no point for me to continue through the process."

So did your season end on a good note?

Tom Busch: "We lost last Saturday in the play-offs to the defending State Champions, Hastings, MN. We ended up finishing 5-5. I recorded around 135 tackles, six forced fumbles, and five sacks."

At 5'11 235, many are going to view you as an undersized LB on paper. Do you feel that stereotype should be legit or do you have the speed to back it up? We have all heard about your tackling prowess.

Tom Busch: "I feel my speed is one of my strengths. That is why I've spent time in the weight room for the past three or four years to develop my speed. I now consistently ran in the 4.6 with my best time being 4.53."

So what type of linebacker would you describe yourself overall? Also, what type of linebacker will you be at Iowa?

Tom Busch: "I'm a linebacker this is just being a hawk around the ball. I have the ability to hit between tackles. I see myself fitting in well at Iowa and the running style of the Big Ten. I scanned over some things with Coach Parker during meetings, and I think his system and myself will fit in with each other very well."

Obviously, the Hawkeyes are coming off a very big and emotional victory in Ann Arbor? Did the momentum of the Hawks' victory carry over in your early decision?

Tom Busch: "Like I said earlier, its been a while since I knew I was happy with Iowa. The victory was just icing on the cake. They did not just beat Michigan,but they smoked em'."

What was the reaction you received from the Iowa coaches when announcing your decision this evening?

Tom Busch: "I knew they felt it was coming sometime, but they were surprised to hear me commit this early. They seemed to be quite happy. I just felt strong with my decision and knew nothing in the world could change my mind."

Lastly, what are your goals and what do you envision in your career at Iowa?

Tom Busch: "I want to go to a Rose Bowl. I just like to win football games, and I want to continue to improve myself. I know by improving myself, I'll be improving the team to reacher higher goals."

Hawkeye fans should all welcome the Busch family to the Hawkeye family. Tom is very excited to be a Hawkeye, and Hawk fans should certainly feel blessed to know the potential he holds at middle linebacker for the Hawks.

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