Wisky Post Game: Todd Lickliter Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes fell to #8 Wisconsin 60-54 on Wednesday night Carver Hawkeye Arena. Head Coach Todd Lickliter was appreciative of the fans who braved the rough weather, in addition to the effort of his Iowa team.

Todd Lickliter Opening Statement

Good move on somebody's part to invite the students to this. That was great, I am glad they were here. I wish we could have won for them. I don't think you can fault our effort, they competed hard. Wisconsin is well coached and a nice team. You knew it was going to be a lower possession game, and every possession was going to be very valuable and we had a few where I thought we made…sometimes you think, OK the team forces you to make a mistake, and sometimes you think you had a bad decision. I am afraid we had three or four that were bad decisions on our part, and in a game like this it's hard to have those and win. I think we did more good things than bad for sure. I am proud of our guys, because they play to win. They are hurting right now, and that is a good thing. They have invested a lot. I think they will bounce back and they will build on it and keep getting better.

Q: Did the game turn during your field goal drought?

Todd Lickliter: I am sorry, but I am going to have to look at the tape. I think we went to the line a few times there, and that is a good thing. I will have to look and see…still, it wasn't like they opened it up. We continued to guard and I think we missed some good shots, but it was in that time where we made a couple of decisions that I thought were costly.

Q: How did they defend Johnson?

Lickliter: He got nine shots, five three's. So it wasn't like he didn't get shots. He just didn't make some of them. They do a good job, they have good defenders. You could ask Justin how he felt, if he got good shots.

Q: Bo mentioned Justin didn't force any shots, and that was a good thing.

Lickliter: I appreciate that. I would think that is the way he would want his players to play, that is the way I like it. I like guys who are team guys and that is how Justin has always been, he is a team guy. He will screen, he will try to defend, and if a shot comes, he will try to shoot it in. I have had great shooters that have had tough nights.

Q: Were you aware of Bohannon's connection to Iowa, and did you hear all of the boos?

Lickliter: I do know who he is and I am aware of him. He is a nice player. I don't know what that is about, but he did a good job.

Q: Were you satisfied overall with just nine turnovers?

Lickliter: When you cut them like that, you think back and you say if we could have done that against Purdue at Purdue…but people play different ways. Wisconsin is more of a position oriented team, good defense and sound, but they don't try to create a turnover situation. They just defend. It was a good night. Anything under 10 is a good night's work.

Q: Wisconsin is a consistent team, and you have a similar style of play. Is their consistency something you can point to for your team?

Lickliter: No, not really. We respect Wisconsin, I respect what they have done, but we have our own philosophy and our own approach. Our guys are trying to implement it, they are doing a great job. I don't know that we are that similar or not. I guess you could say we would like to be patient and shoot the shot we want. I have seen them score in bunches, just like we would if people allow us and we try to defend with a purpose. Other than that, I don't know that we are terribly similar. Bo has his own style and it's a good one.

Q: Talk about Cyrus and Seth

Lickliter: They did a good job. They balance each other and play off one another. I thought Seth was exceptional in the first half. We should have tried to go to him more in the second. I will have to look at the tape to see why we didn't.

Q: Would you like to see the students get in free for the rest of the year?

Lickliter: Somebody would have to pick up the tab. I would love to have them here, but that is not my decision.

Q: Despite the loss, are you still seeing the steady improvement you want to see?

Lickliter: Not that you want to see, because you want to win. I see progress, I have said that. They are good guys. I see progress and I think if they continue to grow, we will compete with people. This was one of the better teams in the league, Purdue is, but we don't want to just compete, we want to win.

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