Recruiting 101: Things Starting to Heat Up

What a week it has been for the Iowa Hawkeye program. The biggest victory achieved in the Big House since 1967, LB Tom Busch gave a verbal commitment, and now the #1 QB in the nation, Chris Leak, has set an official visit to Iowa City. There are a lot of other developments swirling around Iowa City as the winds pick up, and has the exclusive report!

Chris Leak is officially visiting Iowa City on December 6th, and yes it may be one of the biggest recruiting hot tidbits to hit Iowa City in quite some while. How did this sudden interest in Iowa occur from the Leak family? Lets just say appearances on both ESPN television, and the continous mentioning of Iowa by Tommy Zbikowski on ESPN Diaries did not hurt at all. Leak has grown more open with his recruitment after being a long lean towards Tennessee. Iowa will very much have a shot as they can offer early playing time and the family atmosphere the Leak family is looking for. Tennessee has not made them as happy with the handling of older brother CJ so you better believe Coach Ferentz's reputation as a man to trust will certainly pay dividends.

Many Hawk fans have becomed worried about how the Hawkeyes will do in their OL recruiting for this season. This year's success has shown much of the nation the ability Iowa has in converting tight ends to the offensive line. That strategy maybe switching to the defensive side this recruiting year. Many around Iowa City stated if Coach Ferentz would have recruited Aaron Kampman out of high school; he most likely would have ended up as All Big-Ten LT. Chris Moore and Bryan Mattison are good prospects at DE, but also there is some potential shown in both with their toughness and ability to move on either side of the interior lines. Don't be surprised to see the Hawks sign a defensive prospect they view potentially on the offensive line. That is something that could also hold true with Alex Willcox.

With the emergence of Chris Leak on the recruiting radar screen, don't be surprised to see the Hawks use this in their efforts with offensive skill positions. Andrew Weatherly is one big time WR visiting this weekend that the Hawks would very much love to have in the fold. Grouping Clint Solomon and he together would be a special treat for any quarterback!

Trevor Laws was a huge loss to Notre Dame as the Hawks viewed him as one of the biggest impact talents of the recruiting season. However, the Hawks will not land every one of their top prospects, and they still have some very intriguing DT prospects sitting at top of their wish list. Richard Kittrell will be officially visiting on the weekend of December 12th, and the Hawks very much like DT Charleston Gray from Fort Worth Dunbar. Expect Iowa to sign two or three defensive tackle prospects this year.

Lastly, Iowa is working hard on gaining an official visit from Mike Jones on the same weekend as Tommy Zbikowski on December 13th. Tommy Zbikowski would be the biggest impact defensive backfield prospect they've landed since Coach Ferentz arrived, and Mike Jones very well could be considered the same on the OL. The Hawks have themselves in a position to have the most successful recruiting season in school history!

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