Lickliter Comments on Michigan Loss

Iowa head coach Todd Lickliter was disappointed after Iowa's 60-52 loss to Michigan. Iowa led 25-9 at one point during the game, and held Michigan to 16 first half points. But the Wolverines scored 44 in the second half and dictated tempo to the Hawkeyes after Iowa had done the same to the Wolverines in the first half. Read all of Lickliter's post game comments here...

Todd Lickliter Opening Statement

I told the team as we prepared for Michigan, that what they wanted to do was they would test us to see how we would play certain things and then counter. You had to be prepared to guard an action into another action. We just didn't do that well. Give them credit, they made shots today that, in the second half, they shot it well enough to come back and beat us. I am still struggling to get us to understand what winning requires. Winning requires that you are constantly involved in the play and you are always trying to win the game within the game. You cannot be dictated to and be successful. We spent a lot of time reacting. The opposite of that is reckless, and you cant do that either. You have to be sound, involved in the game and it needs to be every possession valuable. We struggle with that. So, I have not been able to get that through to them. It's very disappointing to defend well enough to give up 16 points in a half, and then end up giving up 60 for the game. Obviously, that hurts. This is very painful, unenjoyable and disappointing.

Q: Where were the defensive breakdowns?

Todd Lickliter: They were exactly what I was saying. Transition wise, they broke down all game. We didn't get matched up and we struggled almost all game. Then we broke down, towards the end; what they do is run a back screen and we cover that and then they would go into a down screen and we are still where we are on the back screen. Most of that is not playing in a stance, getting knocked off the cut.

Q: The second half, did you see that coming at halftime, that they were not into it?

Lickliter: No. I didn't anticipate that at all. I don't know that they weren't into it. We had the ball to start the half and we drive it down the baseline, throw it to them and they dunk it. If I am the other team, I am thinking that this half is going to be fun. I have tried to explain some of these things wont work. We have shown them, we have tried them, they don't work. But I guess we are determined to make them work.

Q: There was a stretch in the second half, roughly nine or ten minutes without a field goal. Were they doing something on defense or was it a poor job offensively?

Lickliter: I would have to look. We didn't go to the line, either. I have to look and see. I think we turned it over. I think we were at the basket two or three times and didn't convert. Then we made decisions that were….we will work certain situations almost every day. When we play, instead of going to that situation, we will get half way there and try something else. We will think something else will work. I have tried to explain that we work those things because they work. So I would like to do that in a game. That would be a novel idea.

Q: On your shot selection, was it taking the easy way out?

Lickliter: Part of it was that they switched some of them, and they were able to guard. What you should do on that is if they switch a little onto your big, he should roll into the post, ball screen and look in. We did a little more high-lo later with Seth to Cy. But we were not able to counter that very well.

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