Aaron Fuller Enjoying His Iowa Visit

The Iowa coaching staff is looking to add a couple of quality players during the late signing period ane one of their top targets was in Iowa City this weekend check out the Hawkeye program. Aaron Fuller from Arizona places Iowa among the final schools on his wish list. He talked about his visit in this premium update.

How is your visit going?

It‘s been really amazing. I really like their campus. It seems like it has a great tradition. These fans are very loyal to their school. It‘s really exceeded my expectations.

What are you looking for on these visits? What do you want to see?

I just want to see what it has academically for me. I want to see if I can fit in. I‘m just trying to get a general feel and see if it feels right.

When did Iowa get involved with you?

It was probably late during our regionals in Arizona. I first saw them and I was really impressed. I had hurt my wrist in a previous game and I still played through it. So, that‘s when they first came to my game.

Who else are you looking at?

Right now my main other one is Washington State. Iowa and Washington State are my main two.

So, it will between those two?

The way that it‘s looking right now, I think so.

What will be most important in your decision?

I can‘t really say yet because I haven‘t visited Washington State. I really have to check that place out first. Right now, Iowa is definitely up there after seeing the campus and everything. I really like it a lot here.

What do you know about the system here and how might you fit into it?

I know that they do a lot of ball screens and pick-and-pops. We do that at my schools, so I‘m real used to doing that. I think I can fit right in.

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