Wrestling Updates: Hawkeyes Claim the title!

The Iowa Hawkeyes overcame a mediocre performance last night and rebounded today to capture the Big Ten Wrestling Tournament title at Williams Arena. Iowa's Brent Metcalf was named Outstanding Wrestler & Wrestler of the Year on the way to his individual championship. He defeated Dustin Schlatter of MN 5-3 in the long-awaited matchup.


Tom Brands named Coach of the Year.

Brent Metcalf wins Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament and Big Ten Wrestler of the Year.


Flores def. Charlie Falck.
Charlie Falck finishes in 4th place.

Joe Slaton def. Mack Reiter(MN) 3-0
Joe Slaton finishes in 3rd place.

Dan LeClere wins by injury default.
Dan LeClere finishes in 5th place.

Brent Metcalf def. Dustin Schlatter(MN) 5-3
Brent Metcalf wins the title.

Eric Tannenbaum def. Mark Perry 3-2
Mark Perry finishes in 2nd place.

Jay Borschel def. Hayes WMD
Jay Borschel finishes in 3rd place.

Hawkeyes lock up team title

Phil Keddy def. Branvold
Phil Keddy finishes in 3rd place.

Matt Fields def. Massey in OT.
Matt Fields finishes in 3rd place.


Charlie Falck def. Cudd --Falck will wrestle for 3rd place this afternoon.

Joe Slaton def Tanelli 7-2 -- Slaton will wrestle Reiter(MN) for 3rd place this afternoon.

Jaggers def. Dan LeClere 6-2 -- LeClere will wrestle for 5th place this afternoon. **note: I think LeClere's next opponent has injury defaulted out of the tourney, so LeClere should finish 5th and get fall points for the default.

Brent Metcalf will wrestle Dustin Schlatter(MN) for the title this afternoon.

Ryan Morningstar def. Bertucci 6-1.
Ryan Morningstar finishes in 7th place (as the 7-seed) and advances to the national tournament.

Mark Perry will wrestle Eric Tannenbaum(MI) for the title this afternoon.

Jay Borschel def. Dergo 10-2. Jay Borschel will wrestle for 3rd place this afternoon.

Phi Keddy def Bombarger by fall. Phil Keddy will wrestle for 3rd place this afternoon.

Matt Fields def. Berhow(MN) 4-1 (OT). Matt Fields will wrestle for 3rd place this afternoon.

Session II:
#3 Escobedo dec. #2 Charlie Falck (Falck drops to conso)
#3 Gomez dec. #2 Joe Slaton
#1 Russell dec. #4 Dan LeClere (SV)
#1 Brent Metcalf dec. #4 Jenkins 15-3

#1 Mark Perry dec. #4 SMith (SV)
#3 Dretsch dec. #2 Jay Borschel
#2 Todd dec. #3 Phil Keddy
#1 Bergman dec. #4 Matt Fields
Wrestlebacks -
Ryan Morningstar dec. 11-0
#3 Becker dec. #7 Ryan Morningstar (M* will wrestle for 7th place tomorrow, winner goes to nationals, loser goes home)
Fagiano dec. Chad Beatty (Beatty eliminated)

Photos from session 1

2:16 - Team Scores:
Iowa -- 74 -- 8/2
Minn -- 64 -- 7/3
Ill -- 50 -- 5/5
Mich -- 46 -- 5/5
NW -- 39.5 -- 4/6
PSU -- 39 -- 3/7
UW -- 29 -- 2/8
IU -- 28 -- 2/8
OSU -- 17 -- 2/8
MSU -- 12 -- 1/9
Pur -- 11.5 -- 1/9

Session I attendance: 6229

2:00 - Eight Hawkeyes have already qualified for the national tournament and will wrestle semi-final matches tonight. 157# Ryan Morningstar and #197 Chad Beatty are still alive in the wrestle-backs and can earn national berths with good performances tonight.

1:55 - Chad Beatty puts a little scare into #2 Davis by rolling him to his back at the end, but Beatty ends up on the losing end. #4 Matt Fields comes on strong in the final period to get the victory.
#2 Davis (PSU) def. #7 Chad Beatty
#4 Matt Fields def. #5 Wise

Another major for Iowa at #174 for Jay Borschel. Phil Keddy (184#) responded to Brands advice ("NO MORE BEAR HUGS!") and muscled through for a victory.
#2 Jay Borschel def. #7 Corpe (PU) 9-0
#3 Phil Keddy def. #6 Bennett (IN) 9-3

1:05 - Hawkeyes lose at 157#, dropping Morningstar into the consolation bracket. Mark Perry, in his first match back since knee surgery knocks off the rust with a fall in his quarter-final match.
#2 Vallimont (PSU) def. #7 Ryan Morningstar 3-2
#1 Mark Perry def. #8 Kendle (MSU) WBF

12:46 - More Hawkeye victories! Dan LeClere fights to the end, scoring the winning takedown with under 5 seconds left in his quarter-final match. Brent Metcalf does what Brent Metcalf does.
#4 Dan LeClere def. #5 Scott (PSU) 2-1
#1 Brent Metcalf def. #8 Paswall (IL) WBF

12:28 - Hawkeyes come out cold in the first periods of their matches at 125# and 133#, but the Hawkeyes rallied to win both quarter-final matches.
#2 Falck def. #7 Triggas
#2 Slaton def. #7 Humphrey 12-6
12:09 - Fields finishes off the pigtail round for the Hawkeyes with a fall! Good bonus points in this round for Iowa.

11:35 - Only other Hawkeye to draw a pigtail match is Matt Fields. We'll report those results as we get them. Other matches of note: 149# 7-seed, Ryan Lang(NU)lost his pigtail, as did 141# 2-seed Kyle Ruschell (WI).

11:24 - Metcalf draws Eddie Skowneski (MSU). The two have been wrestling each other since childhood (Metcalf from MI). Skowneski has never won.
Metcalf gets the fall.

11:10 - Slaton had his first takedown in about 3 seconds on the way to a 9-1 victory over Chris Diehl (MI). Good start. Metcalf up next.

11:05am - Pigtails about to start. Slaton and Metcalf up first. Brian tells me that it looks like about 5-1 in favor of Iowa fans.

Updates soon, matches have just begun.

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