Up Close: WR Herb Grigsby

As reported first by HTO.com yesterday, the Hawkeyes received commitment #8 in WR Herb Grigsby. HTO.com caught up with Herb to gain many interesting perspectives on his commitment, and to gain his insights on the issue of whether he will play at WR or CB (including a can't miss quote on Bob Sanders).

So whom did you communicate with in the Jacobsen building this morning when informing the staff of your decision?

Herb Grigsby: "Coach Aiken was the first person I spoke to, and Coach Erb happened to walk by as we spoke. I then spoke to Coach Erb, Coach Morgan, Coach Johnson, Coach Ferentz, and Coach (Norm) Parker. They all were very excited."

Obviously, there are no plans for you to beef up and line up for Coach Aiken, but was there any sells pitch from Coach Parker?

Herb Grigsby: "We talked about me being in the secondary. I told him to just keep Bob Sanders off me, and he said that I could line up alongside him."

Is there a personal preference in what position you play at during Iowa?

Herb Grigsby: "I like receiver, but if I'm destined for cornerback then that is where I'll play. I'm even with preference in both positions. I think I'm better suited at WR a bit because it allows my playmaking abilities to be shown more."

Iowa's 9-1 record is taking everyone by storm across the nation, including yourself. Do you see yourself as a newly pledged Hawkeye today if the Hawks only had five victories?

Herb Grigsby: "I believe I would still be a Hawk, honestly. Coach Ferentz has been so honest and straight forward during the process. He is laid back, like myself, so I know he is the person I want to play for. Although, I will admit that winning makes it a lot more fun."

You will be in attendance this week, unofficially, for the Northwestern game. Your whole family, including brother Scipio, will be in attendance, and it marks the first time your father will view Iowa City. Are you hoping for an exciting game?

Herb Grigsby: "I just hope that I'm not a jinx. There only loss was when I was in person so I hope that streak ends this weekend. I want them to win the Rose Bowl as I know that was their goal entering the season."

Herb, are you fully qualified at this time?

Herb Grigsby: "Yes, I am fully qualified with 2.9 GPA and 20 on the ACT."

Now that you are drawing to a close on your prep career, what will you be your plans these next couple weeks?

Herb Grigsby: "I'm glad to have recruiting over with as these trips can really take a lot out of you during the season. These are my last games coming up, and I want them to be special."

Will you be getting ready for a strong off-season workout?

Herb Grigsby: "Since I'm at such a small school, I particpate in all four sports (football, basketball, track, and baseball). I have never really been able to go through a full off-season workout."

Does that also mean that you are pulsating over your upcoming days with Coach Doyle?

Herb Grigsby: "From all the campuses and programs I've viewed, Coach Doyle has been the best. I will just be looking to gain some weight and strength."

So what would your comments be in viewing a future portrait of Herb Grigsby at 5'11 190 from your current 165 frame?

Herb Grigsby: "It could be scary."

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