149 Pound Championship Q&A: Brent Metcalf

"The Iowa program is building and it's working towards dominance. 30 points isn't enough. We want to set the record. We want 300 points if that is possible. That is the direction we are heading." Those were just some of the words from Brent Metcalf following his National Championship match on Saturday. Read the rest in item...

Q: It was a two year journey to Iowa. Redshirting at Virginia Tech, then sitting out last year in Iowa City. Did you think about that today?

Brent Metcalf: Really, it was a great opportunity for me to train at the highest level and get better. I wasn't competing on this stage. It's a different atmosphere. But you know what? When it comes to wrestling, wrestling is wrestling. I got a lot out of those two years. I couldn't ask for a better option. The way it worked out worked out best for me.

Q: Evaluate your performance tonight. Were you able to do what you wanted to do? Were you happy with your individual performance in general?

Metcalf: I am happy with a win. Not so much performance. I don't like giving up points at the beginning. That kicks you in the butt. That is not how I want to wrestle. Those takedowns were both on the edge. The philosophy of Brent Metcalf and Iowa wrestling is to wrestle on that edge, and that is where I failed. That is where he scored. I have work to do, but I got the win and that is important.

Q: Talk about your takedown when you had him up in the air.

Metcalf: That was a big takedown. When I got in there I knew it was big. It was that point where it put the match just out of reach and I knew finishing that would be big and I got the back points on that. It was turning him into all or nothing mode. In my head I got in there and I knew I had to finish this takedown.

Q: You just won a title and yet you seem upset that you didn't wrestle at your best.

Metcalf: I maybe kind of stingy from that point of view. We plan to have a celebration. Right now, I am just after the match and analyzing. I am already trying to improve. April 23rd I have to be better.

Q: You seemed to be in control even though he had those early takedowns; they were on your shots. Did you ever worry?

Metcalf: He has a great low single attack and he is fast. He got in on me in that first match we wrestled. I was aware of that. Maybe I should have waited for my style just a bit. If I am going to get in on a shot I am going to put him up and down and finish. You can't hesitate in there, wait for a reaction to see what he is going to do. You have to put em down on those shots and I didn't do that on the first two and cost me

Q: Were you concerned when you fell behind early?

Metcalf: Absolutely not. You can't be. It could have been costly. He stayed in there and wrestled with me and that helped me. It was me going to my offense, continuing to score early and not wait for it to come down for the last minute. But coming back and scoring again. Those first two takedowns, it got me. If anything else, giving up two takedowns is not Brent Metcalf's style or Brent Metcalf's way he likes to wrestle.

Q: You won an individual title, the team won a title; where is the program at?

Metcalf: The Iowa program is building and it's working towards dominance. 30 points isn't enough. We want to set the record. We want 300 points if that is possible. That is the direction we are heading. We are keeping that in mind. We are enjoying the win, but at the same time we still have work to do. Joey Slaton still has work to. We have work to do up and down the line. I still have work to do.

Q: Do you feed off the boos?

Metcalf: I love it. Absolutely. I love it. I will tell you what, there is not other atmosphere I would rather wrestle in, besides Carver Hawkeye Arena. When you have 14,000 people behind you, that is pretty awesome. But when you have 14,000 fans against you, that is pretty powerful too.

Q: Will you do anything to celebrate this?

Metcalf: We have a Hawk party, probably go spend time with family and girlfriend

Q: What is April 23rd?

Metcalf: US Open. And then to the next level to the Olympic trials

Q: Will you take any time off, or is it right back into it next week?

Metcalf: It will be competition between myself and Coach Brands. There will be a little relax time. You can't be uptight and tense all of the time and take a break. But this is a 12 month program. We are continuing to work and build.

Q: What does it mean to win an individual title and a team title?

Metcalf: It couldn't be any better. This is a big win for me. I put too much into it than I should have. I know my abilities and I know I can perform. I might have gotten too psyched up for it. It was good getting this win and it was good for our team to perform like we did and get the team win. It was a great season for our team. We still have to finish it up here, but we had a dramatic change with what we started with last year to now. Guys are buying in and I love it. Going to the practice room every day is something you look forward to.

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