Jordan Cotton Takes Another Iowa Trip

Jordan Cotton has made another trip up to Iowa City to check out the Hawkeyes' spring practice. See what he had to say about his visit, his recruiting future, his friendship with another top Iowa target and what he had to say about Brandon Wegher, Keenan Davis and Nathan Scheelhaase in this premium recruiting update.

Jordan Cotton, one of the top prospects in the state of Iowa in the 2009 class, took yet another trip to Iowa City, to check out spring practice with the Hawks. Cotton came away with much the same impression he had coming in.

"It was pretty good, " he said. "I'm only 45 minutes away from Iowa City, so I'm up there a lot. I'm pretty comfortable with the facilities and the coaches."

While in town, he had a chance to hang out with long-time friend and fellow 2009 recruit Nathan Scheelhaase, a QB from Missouri.

"Nate and I have been good friends since our dads were roommates in college, we've hung out a lot," he said. "I've been hanging out with Nate since I've been little, we're pretty close."

Both Nathan and Jordan's fathers attended and played football for the Hawkeyes, and so there's plenty of folks who just assume both will end up wearing the black and gold

"There's a lot of pressure, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you're not going to get this too much," Cotton said. "I want to see what's out there, since I'm pretty close with Iowa right now.

"It would be great if me and Nate could go to the same school," Cotton said before adding a few more names to the wishlist. "If me, Brandon (Wegher), Nate and Keenan (Davis) could all go to the same school, that would be a plus, that'd be real good."

Cotton said he's got one team that stands out above the rest on his list.

"Right now, at the top of the list is Iowa, obviously," he said. "Then Kansas, Louisville, Notre Dame, Illinois, and Wisconsin is talking to me pretty hard right now. They're sending a lot of stuff."

Iowa and Kansas have already offered Cotton, but strong interest from Wisconsin has come as a bit of a surprise to Cotton.

"Wisconsin has talked about offering me at the end of next month, so they're pretty close," he said. "(They) kind of surprised me, I hadn't really talked to any of their coaches. They said they like what they see on tape, so that's a good thing, I guess."

Cotton's summer is going to be a busy one, with trips to Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois and Kansas on tap. Spring games also have Cotton's scheduled stretched thin.

"There are 3 schools that all have their spring game on the same day, Iowa, Purdue, and Iowa State have it on the same day," he said. "I'll probably just go to Iowa's spring game, but I'll try and get to Kansas's spring game too."

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