The Shadow Sounds Off

My Dark Friend called this morning, as he had to get some things off his chest. He discusses a University of Iowa faculty committee proposal to cut football scholarships. Also, Johnson County Attorney Pat White and the Iowa City cops are targets for his terrible tongue. Warning: His opinions are strong, so the weak and the meek may not want to read his editorial.

I read the other day that a faculty committee at the University of Iowa has recommended that Iowa cut the number of football scholarships. A nine-member educational policy committee within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences passed a resolution that supports cutting the number of football scholarships from 85 to 72 and the number of annual campus recruiting visits from 61 to 51.

The purpose of this proposal is to save money in the general fund. Of course, that is where this faulty minded faculty group derives their money.

The University of Iowa Athletic budget is about $35 million. The resolution estimates the move would result in a net savings of $150,000 annually at the university.

However, football is by far the biggest revenue producer. Why then go after the golden goose?

The university increased its general fund support for athletics from $2.3 million in fiscal year 2002 to $2.5 million in fiscal year 2003, which began July 1. This money supports the women's programs as they generate little revenue. In addition, the money aids the non-revenue men's sports such as golf, tennis and swimming.

Obviously, money can't be taken from the women's programs as they are the most sacred of all cows. Therefore, why not look to cut expenses from the men's non-revenue sports if that is their goal?

The resolution will be debated Nov. 20 among the CLAS Faculty Assembly. If approved, UI's Faculty Senate could take up the measure. Fred Antczak, CLAS associate dean for academic programs and services and chair of the educational policy committee is the person to contact before this meeting. His e-mail address is: His phone number is 319-335-2633. Let Fred hear your opinion!

However, the Shadow has another idea. "A good way to save a million dollars or so would be to replace these fatheads with some quicker thinking graduate students. It's rather obvious that the faculty committee doesn't have one brain cell of business acumen".

This transparent attempt by the committee is not the real issue that should be addressed. Are these faculty members the same ones that only teach one class a week? A professor earning his salary by actually teaching? That would appear to be a much bigger concern for the university. Perhaps the twits in tweed could actually work for a living. Be certain to use this point in your e-mails to Freddie.

Now, my Dark Friend offers his take on Johnson County Attorney Pat White's attack of Steve Alford for his remarks in support of Pierre Pierce.

"Not only did Steve Alford do the right thing in supporting his player, the first amendment defends his right to speak in Pierre's defense. However, I am deeply concerned about White's health, as he has just undergone heart bypass surgery. Perhaps Pat should concentrate only on taking his Coumadin and eating his oatmeal."

How about the Iowa City cops? Could they be worse? The bike patrol that harasses the Kinnick Stadium fans, emptying their liquor bottles out in the parking lot, is the rudest police force since the Gestapo. Isn't there any real crime in Iowa City? Oh, I forgot PAULA. Sig Heil!

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