The Jeff Horner Blog, April 15

Former Iowa Point Guard Jeff Horner checks in with the final installment of his HN blog for the season. In this edition, the Mason City native talks about his first season in the NBDL and what might be ahead in his future.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since the last time I wrote. Things got pretty busy and I did not have time to do a lot of things. I will try and give everyone a year in review of my life in the D-League.

It started off pretty well. We were playing well and everything was going great. We hit a road bump about nine games into the season and went on a nine game losing streak. Somehow, we managed to stay in the playoff race all the way until about eight games left in the regular season.

All in all it was a very tough year, but I did learn a lot about the game. For those of you who did not know, our games are 48 minutes long. There was not a lot of defense being played, but I would probably say we tried to play more defense than NBA teams based on the fact we were fighting to get up to the big time.

I also did not accomplish my goal of making it into the NBA, however I was able to get on a few teams' radars, which is good to hear. I am hoping to get on a Summer League team from the NBA and get a chance to play good minutes and impress people.

The great thing about this year was meeting a lot of new guys and being able to play for and with a lot of good people. It is weird when you are playing against guys in college and then all of a sudden you are playing with them a few years down the line.

A couple of guys I played with this year that I played in college were, Courtney Sims (Michigan), Shannon Brown (Michigan St.), Jackie Manuel (UNC) - just to name a few. It was definitely good playing for Nick Nurse and the rest of the coaching staff. Obviously, getting to play with Doug and Adam again was awesome.

This is going to be a pretty big Summer for me as far as my career goes. I will probably end up having to make the toughest decision of my career. Do I keep trying to make the NBA or Do I just forget about it and make as much money as I can overseas? Hopefully I will not have to make this decision and I can just play well enough to get on an NBA roster.

I tend to think a lot of times that I know what I am talking about when it comes to all of these things, but I am very realistic as well. I know that I would have to play out of my mind in order to make an NBA team, but I owe it to myself to at least try while the opportunity is still there. I played pretty well this year, but just could not shoot the ball well enough in order to get a call-up. I hope my goal of making it in the NBA comes true, but if it does not I am still going to be happy and keep playing ball somewhere.

I just want to thank Rob Howe and Jon Miller for letting me do this. I hope everything is well in Iowa City and I wish I could give you guys my whereabouts on where I am going to be next year, but even I do not know the answer to that question.



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