Brodell Caps Healthy Spring

Andy Brodell had a unique vantage point last year; from the sidelines and on crutches. It was the first time he had been injured in his playing career to where he had to miss a lot of time. He says it was a good experience, but not one he wants to repeat. Brodell talks about his spring and his health in this update from Saturday's practice...

Q: Talk about being out there on a day like today (weather conditions)

Andy Brodell: It was not great for practice. Part of it is for the fans to see the team at the end of the spring, but it's also a big learning day for us. To be honest, we have had just one practice outside that has been like this, and it's like this in the fall. We don't think about it a lot, its good to get out in weather like this.

Q: How have you felt this spring, coming off of the injury?

Brodell: Good. It has felt good all spring; I haven't had any issues with it or missed any time. I have said it's not quite 100%, but this is part of the rehab to get through spring ball. They knew I would not re-injure it, so it was full go and that was big to be out here and be healthy.

Q: What was it like watching the struggles last year knowing that you had a good start?

Brodell: It was difficult. It's my first experience being injured and missing time like that. Even if you get hurt in practice and miss the second half of practice, that is tough so it was tougher to watch the struggles last year. I think the young guys did a decent job towards the end and we ended on a bad note. All things considered, they did a good job stepping in and they will grow this year.

Q: Did you see things differently on the sidelines?

Brodell: Yes, I think so. When you are on the field things move fast and you can't see them until films. Even watching film, you don't see the whole picture. Being on the field is different. It was a good experience at least, coaching myself and the guys on the field. I wanted to be out there, but it was a good experience as far as being able to see new things.

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