Spring Q&A: Christensen & Stanzi

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has said that every position on the team was open for auditions this spring, including quarterback. Though he did say that Jake Christensen was still the #1 at the conclusion of spring drills, Rick Stanzi showed a lot of improvement from last year. Read what the two signal callers had to say on spring practice...

Jake Christensen

Q: How would you assess what is going on in this weather and how all of the quarterbacks fared today (Saturday)?

Jake Christensen: With the weather, I think we did pretty good considering we haven't thrown in the rain all spring, it was the first time we had a wet ball and when they get wet for the first time they are slick. The receivers did a good job catching the balls.

Q: Kirk said last week that the quarterback position was open. In your mind, where does it stand?

Christensen: In my mind, there is no question. I don't think you can ever doubt yourself or have doubt in your ability. I am sure the other guys are the same. In my mind, I am the guy but I don't make that decision. I just do my job.

Q: Did you take steps forward this spring?

Christensen: Yeah, I think overall we all did. We have done a good job. It went by quicker than it usually does. We all want to get to the season, because we ended on a bad note and the season will be here soon.

Q: As you look back on last year, what were some of the things you wanted to improve on?

Christensen: There are a lot of things, but I think the most disappointing thing is not making the makeable plays. That is something that I want to improve on as much as anything.

Rick Stanzi

Q: How have things gone this spring?

Rick Stanzi: We have been working real hard as a team, and our strength program has gone well. This spring, we all had a pretty good showing and we just want to focus on that this summer and into the fall.

Q: Coach Ferentz talked about the quarterback competition being open. Do you see it that way?

Stanzi: That is up to the coaches; I just go out there and play. As a team, we just go out and play as a team and let everything fall into place.

Q: Did you get any charge when you threw that TD pass?

Stanzi: A little bit. It was mostly Trey making that play, he made a great play.

Q: How have you progressed from last year?

Stanzi: I have had a lot of help from the coaches, defensive players and just being around football more, you learn more about it and that has really helped me a lot.

Q: What has Coach Campbell's impact been like with the receivers?

Stanzi: He is a high energy guy. He brings a lot of that around. I think that feeds off onto everyone. Everyone feeds off of what he brings to the table, and he came from Michigan. We are really happy to have him.

Q: Have you seen strides in the play of that group?

Stanzi: He has his way of doing things, he has the receivers working real hard running precise routes, and you saw the big plays today.

Q: Is it nice to have more than three or four healthy bodies to throw to?

Stanzi: Yeah, if a few guys go down, you work with what you have. We always plan for that. We are not too worried if a few guys go down, we feel confident with what we have.

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