Godfrey Has Carolina on His Mind

Some of the sting of a long Saturday was taken out by a short Sunday as Charles Godfrey heard his name called early on the second day of the NFL Draft. The Carolina Panthers tabbed the former Iowa cornerback with the fourth pick in Round 3, making him the first player from the state to be selected in this year's process. HN.com Senior Writer Rob Howe spoke with Charles right after he was picked.

Charles Godfrey always has relied on his family for support. It really came through on Saturday.

The Iowa cornerback watched as 10 players at his position were selected during Day 1 of the NFL Draft. He then had to wait until Sunday to hear his name called. He slept like a baby.

"It was real tough sitting there and watching it (Saturday)," Godfrey said. "But I got through it. I had my family around me. They kept my spirits up. I got through it and (Sunday) I was done early.

"I'm not mad about going in the third round. It's a great honor. There are a lot of people that would die to be in the position that I'm in. I'm excited."

Carolina tabbed Godfrey with the fourth pick in the third round (67th overall). He was surprised the Panthers selected him.

"I didn't think I was going to Carolina," Godfrey said. "There were probably nine other teams that I thought I could go to. I do remember them at my pro day. The defensive backs coach was there working me out a little bit. I knew that it was a possibility. Them and Baltimore worked me out at the pro day.

"With this draft process, you just never know. It's a process that nobody can figure out and never will be able to figure out. It's all about the teams and what they're thinking. I didn't know who was going to get me, but I knew that I was going to be going soon (Sunday)."

The Baytown, Texas native picked off five passes and broke up nine others as a Hawkeye senior. The second-team all-Big Ten selection finished his college career with seven interceptions and 14 breakups as he played safety his first two seasons. He played as a true freshman.

"It's great, man," Godfrey said about being drafted. "Sitting and watching (Saturday), I thought I could maybe slip into that second round but the third round is great, man. Just making to the NFL is an honor. It's a dream that I've been working for, for a long time.

"Now I'm working to help the Panthers get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. My goals have changed from high school to college and now to the NFL. I hope to get in there and be an impact player and help the Panthers out."

Godfrey spoke with the Panthers as the third round was starting. They told him that he was their guy.

"They said they were getting ready to pick me and then I saw my name on the screen," the 5-11¾, 207-pounder said. "They're looking forward to me coming in Thursday and getting into camp and working me out and getting me going."

Godfrey just was glad he could stop watching the draft.

"It started getting tough to watch at the end of the first round," he said. "At the beginning of the first round, I was sitting around eating with my family. We were just talking. Then, at the end of the first round, I said, "OK, man, this is where I need to sit down and watch." I started watching it. (Saturday) was a long, long day. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go through that (Sunday). But yeah, it was tough."

NFL.com offers up an analysis of each prospect after he is chosen. Here's what the site says about Godfrey:

"The Panthers get good value with Godfrey in the third round. He's a little thick in the upper body which makes it harder to have the quick reaction necessary at corner, but he could fit well as a cover-two corner or safety in the NFL. He's an excellent tackler, but can get beaten in pass coverage."

The draft was loaded at corner. As was mentioned, 10 went on Day 1.

"It is motivation," Godfrey said. "Ten went (Saturday) and I was the first one off of the board (Sunday). There's a lot of motivation there because I feel like out of the top cornerbacks out of this draft I was right up there.

"I'm taking it as ammunition. I'm ready to get in there on Thursday and get going and contribute right away."

Carolina's depth chart at NFL.com shows Chris Gamble and Ken Lucas as the starters with Dante Wesley and Richard Marshall as the backups. That's about all Godfrey knows about the situation.

"This isn't a team that I thought had a lot of interest in me," he said. "It kind of snuck up on me. But my thing is going in there, and like I did at Iowa, I'm going in for a job. It really doesn't matter who is there right now. I'm going in to get a job. The NFL is a business."

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