Scheelhaase Set for Busy June

Kansas City (Rockhurst) quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase has set a very ambitious schedule for June. He plans to visit more than a dozen schools as he prepares to winnow down his list of potential schools for which he will one day commit. His plans include a stop at Iowa, a program he and his family are very familiar with; his father, Nate Creer, played for Iowa when Kirk Ferentz was an assistant.

Nathan Scheelhaase is a 6-foot-3 inch, 180-pound quarterback from one of the best football programs in the Midwest, in Rockhurst of Kansas City.  As a junior, he led his team to the 5-A state championship in Missouri, the second largest classification. 


So it should come as no surprise to learn that he has a very, very busy June schedule ahead.


"I have set up quite a few visits for the next month.  A lot of my schedule is pretty solid, pretty set.  But there are still other options, different places to go.  Right now, I will be going to Ole Miss on Monday, I will stay there through Wednesday and then I leave there to Oklahoma through Friday.  Then we are going to stop by Oklahoma State on the way back to Kansas City.  The week after that I will hit Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri." Scheelhaase said. 


"I come back for a seven on seven for school, then the following Monday and Tuesday I will be out to Colorado, and I have not been there.  The 19th is when I go to Iowa where they have a one day camp, and I might stop by Iowa State on my way to that.  From Iowa, I go to Illinois.  Then we fly out to Stanford.  Once I get back from there, I will be going to South Florida, and that will be about it."


Scheelhaase completed 86 of 137 for 1861 yards, 20 touchdowns and only five interceptions last year, leading Rockhurst to a perfect 13-0 season.  On the ground he also rushed 120 times for 917 yards and 14 scores.


While visiting so many schools will give several programs a chance to get up close and personal with Scheelhaase, it's going to give him a chance to better navigate his way through what will be a tough decision.


"I have existing offers from all the schools I will be visiting.  None of them have to see me work out, as they have seen my films.  The main reason is to get out and see the coaches and see if I like the campus and things like that." Scheelhaase said.


As for his decision and what criteria he will use to arrive at one final school, the process is not going to be simple.


"There are a lot of things that affect it (his decision).  These visits are very important; seeing the campus, seeing if you like the style, what the coaches are like, ask them various questions about their program.  So it's an important month for me."


Scheelhaase is the son of former Iowa football player Nate Creer, and his mother is originally from the state of Iowa.  So the question must be asked; does this give Iowa an advantage over his other suitors?


"Schools like Iowa that I feel more comfortable with, that is an advantage.  I have been around the program.  They have that going for them, that I feel comfortable there.  These trips will help me get a feel for the other schools to see if I have the same comfort level there." Scheelhaase said.


"But I wouldn't say that anyone has a leg up right now.  I have preconceived ideas that I am cool with Iowa, but just because I feel comfortable there doesn't mean that anther school won't have a chance.  No one is far ahead or far behind.  After these visits, I will be able to put things in order."


Scheelhaase will likely experience some information overload during the course of the next 30 days, and some possible jet lag as well.  Though he doesn't expect to have arrived at a decision by the time the calendar turns to July, it's not totally impossible, either.


"Hopefully after these visits I will at least be able to narrow it down.  Depending on how I feel, if I feel it's the right time and place, then I will make a decision.  I still have time, so we will see how things go.  When I feel that there is one school that is right for me, that will be time to make the decision."

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