Cotton Talks Favorites, Visit

Jordan Cotton, a versatile offensive athlete, projecting at WR, has a clear-cut leader, and only one visit scheduled at the moment. Find out where he's headed in a few weeks, how that might affect his college choice, and his thoughts on a good friend following him to college in this premium recruiting update.

Jordan Cotton, one of several talented seniors in the state of Iowa, has begun narrowing down his list of schools and setting a target date.

"Probably by the end of the summer, I'll make a decision on where I want to go," he said. "Right now, Iowa's my #1, then Kansas is #2, then Colorado, Wisconsin and Iowa State."

Cotton, who recently received an offer from Colorado, has only one visit planned for the summer, an unofficial trip to Kansas on July 11th. While in Lawrence, Cotton will be paying particular attention to a few things, comparing them to the atmosphere in Iowa City.

"Just how I get along with the coaches, the relationships, the environment, that could be a possibility to take me away from Iowa, but I'm not for sure yet."

At Iowa, Cotton's taken a liking to almost everything, particularly the staff.

"I have great relationships with all the coaches there," he said. "I really like Coach Campbell, the wide receiver coach, they have a great facility and great people to be around.

"They write me, Coach Campbell, Coach Morgan, and Coach Ferentz, they write me almost every day. I call Coach Campbell every once in a while, I go up there and stuff. I was up there a month ago for a one-day camp to work with Coach Campbell, I really liked it.

Coach Campbell, he gets after it a little more than Coach Erb. Coach Erb's still around, and I built a really good relationship with Coach Erb in my sophomore and junior years. I wasn't sure how I was going to react when Coach Campbell came, but he's a really good guy, he gets after you, he's coached a lot of great receivers at Michigan, they're playing the pros now, he knows what he's doing."

Cotton said that despite being one of several D1-caliber players in the state, he doesn't talk with any of them, other than Keenan Davis from time to time. His main companion in the recruiting game is Nathan Scheelhaase from Rockhurst High School in Missouri. Nathan and Jordan grew up together, and each of their fathers played football for the University of Iowa.

When asked about the possibility of he and Nathan both suiting up for the Hawkeyes, as a QB/WR combo, Jordan said it was a real possibility.

"Oh yeah," he said. "We've grown up together, we've been great friends since we were little. Me and him going to the same school, our parents would love it, I guarantee me and him would love it too."

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