Aaron Fuller Adjusting to Life in Iowa

Aaron Fuller left the desert southwest for Iowa City just days before the tragic and devastating flooding racked the city. Fuller talks about that, plus his adjustment to life on the court during pick up and PTL games after his first month in Iowa...

When did you arrive in Iowa City?


I came in a couple days before the flood started.  I came here just in time to experience all of that going on.


What was that like?


It is unreal.  You see it up close.  It's difficult and scary


How has your adjustment been from Arizona to Iowa?  Is it two different cultures?


It's a lot more green here.  There are no cactuses anywhere.  I have heard the winters are brutal, but the weather is nice, and so are the people.  It's the right place.


What have your days been like?


Right now I have two classes, I am taking English and Environmental Issues.  So far those classes are going OK.  We lift around 7:30 and then I go to class, then depending on the day we either have the PTL or we play some pick up games in the evening.


How do you feel you have done with the competition level?  Not just here, but with guys that have been around and played college ball for a few years.


I am still trying to make the adjustment.  I think I am doing alright, but I can be doing a lot better.  I will keep getting stronger and keep working hard.  This is different from high school basketball, but right now it's OK.


What position do you play?  It seems like you can do a few different things out there.


I am like a 3 or 4, I can play inside or out.  Since I can go inside or out, the coaches want me to post up a small guy, or take a bigger guy off of the dribble, so I can be tough to guard.


What do you need to work on this summer?


So far, I need to gain weight and get stronger.  I need to put on the pounds, keep working in the weight room.  With regards to my game, I need to get a consistent jump shot. 


What are your expectations for the first year?


I feel like I can come in and do my part.  Nothing will be given to me.  I will keep working hard every day and we will see what happens. I want to come in and do my part to help out.


Why did you decide to come to Iowa?


I came here and it was the atmosphere, the fans, they really love the school.  People were real nice.  The guys seemed really great and the coaches were nice too.  I just have a good feeling, and I knew this was the place.  That is what it came down to.


Is it fair to say that you were a late bloomer?


Yeah, I didn't play much my sophomore year.  The junior year was my first year getting a feel for the game, and I really came out during the senior year. 


What was your AAU experience like?


It was fun going to places like Texas, Las Vegas, California.  There were a lot of opportunities to get looks.  All college coaches everywhere.


Half of next year's team will be new guys, such as yourself.  You guys will have a big impact on the program and you hold a lot of what the future of this program can be.  Do you realize that and do you guys talk about that?


It's crazy, half of us are new.  We are rebuilding, and we need to get this program back to where it needs to be.  Hopefully we can come in and make an impact right away.


What is your understanding of this system? What are they trying to get done, what is important for you to do to get on the floor?


I know you have to play great defense.  Coach talks about that.  Right now, I am not really too sure.  I will keep working hard in the weight room right now and get better at my game.


So you know what you are going to study?


Major in computer science right now.  I want to study technology.

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