Cotton Talks KU Visit, Upcoming Decision

Jordan Cotton visited Kansas for the first time this week, and has narrowed his college choices down to two; the Jayhawks and the home state Hawkeyes. Cotton talks about his visit to Lawrence, his impending decision as well as his surprise at Nathan Scheelhaase's choosing Illinois in this recruiting update...

So tell us about your visit to Kansas, how did things go?

My visit to Kansas went really well. I was impressed with the facilities and I was able to meet Coach Mangino for the firse time. I like him a lot, and I was able to talk more with Coach Blaney. It was just a good visit.

Did anything surprise you on the visit with regards to expectations you had prior to arriving in Lawrence?

The facilities surprised me a lot; they were just very nice. And my relationship grew with Coach Mangino. I also like how the campus is right next to stadium and everything.

As you were going through your visit, were you mentally comparing things to Iowa, the other school in your final two?

Yeah, I was kind of doing that. A lot of the things are similar, but there are some differences. I basically went there to talk to the coaches and get to know them better.

Did you come out of the visit thinking that you want to get your decision over with soon?

Hopefully, I will decide in a couple weeks. It's going to be either Kansas or Iowa, so we'll see what happens.

Does your experience on this visit make that decision easier or harder?

It makes it harder, definitely. This was my first time to Lawrence and I loved it there, and this will be a tough decision for me.

I know that you were on hand for Nathan Scheelhaase's announcement yesterday. Were you surprised that he picked Illinois?

It shocked a lot of people and it shocked me. We will see what happens. I could wind up playing against him in a few years.

The two of you had mentioned wanting to play at the same school together. Is it safe to say that is off the table now?

Yeah, that is off the table. I could wind up playing against him, but we'll remain good friends. But when we are on the field against each other, we are not family any more; it will be all about business.

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