Depth Chart and Media Guide Notes

With the release of the media guide comes plenty of information, but most of it is rehash. Check inside for a few interesting tidbits from the media guide, as well as the depth chart, released on Thursday.

The media guide was released today. While most of the information is rehash for the majority of Hawkeye fans, there are a few interesting tidbits, the first being the pre-season depth chart, listed at the bottom of this story.

Each year, several current hawkeyes are interviewed for the media guide, talking about why they picked Iowa. this year, A.J. Edds, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Adrian Clayborn and Bryan Bulaga were selected.

There are now also pronunciation guides for each individual player, instead of just the 'usual suspects.' A few surprises..Tyler GIR-stand, PAH-ki O'Meara, Chris RAH-ul, and uh-MAR-ee spuh-VAY.

Pre-Season Depth Chart

Note: A slash (/) indicates a co-listing at that particular depth chart position.

SE: Trey Stross, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos
LT: Andy Kuempel/Bryan Bulaga, Kyle Haganman
LG Julian Vandervelde/Dan Doering, Adam Gettis
C: Rafael Eubanks/Rob Bruggeman, Josh Koeppel
RG: Seth Olsen, Travis Meade
RT: Kyle Calloway, Wesley Aeschliman
TE: Brandon Myers/Tony Moeaki, Allen Reisner
QB: Jake Christensen/Ricky Stanzi, Marvin McNutt
WR: Andy Brodell, Colin Sandeman
RB: Paki O'Meara, Nate Guillory
FB: Brett Morse, Jordan McLaughlin
PK: Daniel Murray, Austin Signor

DE: Adrian Clayborn, Chad Geary
DT: Matt Kroul, Karl Klug
DT: Mitch King, Anton Narinskiy
DE: Christian Ballard, Broderick Binns
OLB: A.J. Edds, Dezman Moses/Tyler Nielsen
MLB: Jacody Coleman/Pat Angerer, Dezman Moses
WLB: Jeff Tarpinian, Jeremiha Hunter
LC: Bradley Fletcher, Chris Rowell
SS: Lance Tillison/Harold Dalton, Tyler Sash
FS: Brett Greenwood, Diauntae Morrow
RC: Drew Gardner, Jordan Bernstine

P: Ryan Donahue, Eric Guthrie

PR: Andy Brodell, Colin Sandeman, Tyler Sash
KR: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Jordan Bernstine

DS: Andrew Schulze, Nick Murphy

Holder: Ryan Donahue



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