Boffeli Will Decide Soon

West Des Moines Valley is one of the most successful 4-A schools in the state of Iowa over the past decade, and they have produced several current and former Hawkeyes and Cyclones. It appears that Connor Boffeli will be the latest Valley player to pick between the two instate schools, and that will happen soon…



Q:  Have you been out making any visits in the recent weeks?


Connor Boffeli: No, I haven't.  Baseball just ended like a week ago, and I haven't really been doing anything but that, lifting and running.


Q:  What are your top schools right now, the schools showing you the most interest?


Boffeli:  Right now, it's pretty much Iowa and Iowa State.  I will be going to one of those schools; I am pretty sure about that.


Q:  Have you made it to Iowa or Iowa State this summer?


Boffeli:  Yeah, I have been to each campus probably four or five times each, maybe more.  I am pretty familiar with the campuses and the coaches and stuff like that. 


Q:  Do both schools have you slotted at tight end or the line?


Boffeli:  Iowa is looking at me as a lineman, offense or defense, where Iowa State wants to keep me at tight end.  If I would get bigger, which I probably will, they will have to move me unless I keep my speed up.


Q:  Do you hope to make a decision before football starts here in a few weeks?


Boffeli:  I am planning on making a decision later this week or early next week.


Q:  What will it come down to? 


Boffeli:  The biggest thing I am looking at is the coaching staffs and where I feel at home, and where I feel I have the best chance of playing.  Both schools have great academic facilities and a history of success in academics.  Each school is pretty awesome.


Q:  Being from West Des Moines, are people in your ear about going to the school they root for?


Boffeli:  People aren't really in my ear trying to sway me to one side of the other.  They are very supportive and they will back me up wherever I decide to go. 


Q:  So is the plan then for you to make your announcement next week?


Boffeli:  I feel like I have made a decision, I know where I want to go, and I don't really see a point in dragging it out even longer.  I'd like to get it over before football season because the pressure and stress of recruiting would be good to have out of the way.


Q:  So you know right now where you want to go?


Boffeli:  I am pretty sure that I have made a decision, but I will announce it this week or next week.  But I want to keep that private right now.

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