Cotton Chooses: He's a Hawkeye

Jordan Cotton has made his college decision, and he's heading to the University of Iowa. Holding offers from Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin, and Kansas, Cotton made the call on Saturday or Sunday, before revealing his choice to the public today. Read more from Jordan about his decision, his relationship with the staff, his reaction to Barrent's defection and more in this free recruiting update.

Jordan Cotton has made his decision, and he'll be playing football for the University of Iowa. Jordan chose the Hawkeyes over offers from Kansas, Iowa State, and Wisconsin

The number one factor for Cotton in his choice was something that may have come under fire recently, the Iowa coaching staff and the way they treated him, as a recruit.

"It basically came down to my relationship with the coaches, stuff like that," he said. "I just had a phenomenal relationship with Coach Morgan and Coach Campbell and Coach Ferentz, that's definitely what it came down to."

Cotton, who told the Iowa coaches of his decision on Saturday or Sunday, called Coach Reese Morgan first, followed by Coach Erik Campbell and Coach Kirk Ferentz.

"They were basically just glad to hear the news, they were really excited to get to work with me for the next 4 or 5 years," he said. "They said I could come up to a practice and watch. and I'm going there August 16th, they're having a day for all the offered kids, they'll be there on the 16th, I'm going to go up to that."

Cotton now becomes the #1 in-state recruiter for the Hawkeyes, after David Barrent's recent defection to Michigan State.

"I'm going to try and sway some guys to go to Iowa and everything," he said. "Barrent did that with me, then he went and de-committed and committed to Michigan State. I'm not going to do that, de-commit and everything. I'm set with Iowa, I'm just going to try and get some of the other guys to get to Iowa."

When Barrent made the switch, Cotton found out like all the rest of us, on the internet.

"It surprised me a lot, I just found about it last night that he did that," he said. "He was doing a good job of pushing me to Iowa, then he went and de-committed to Michigan State, it kind of shocked me."

The last visit that Cotton took was to Kansas just a few weeks ago. Despite having a great time, he still wants to play in Iowa City.

"Everything went really well in Kansas, I love the facilities and everything, I just feel like I'm at home already when I think about Iowa," he said. "When I look it over, I can just see myself in Black and Gold, the relationship with the coaches is unreal."

Cotton rushed nearly 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns last year playing tailback, but this year he'll be making the switch to wide receiver, his intended position in college. Right now Cotton stands 6-1 and weighs 175 pounds, but he's hoping to add 5 pounds before the season begins.

Cotton is now the second member of the Iowa 2009 class, a class which is expected to only have between 12 and 15 available scholarships.

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