Wegher's Not Tipping His Hand

After flying onto the scene last summer at a Scout.com combine, Brandon Wegher, the top-rated player in the state of Iowa, has been playing his cards close to his vest. Read more about Brandon and his plans for the future in this premium recruiting update.

Brandon Wegher has purposely taken himself off the recruiting radar this summer, shying away from the attention many athletes of his caliber feed off of. The four-star RB out of Sioux City Heelan has spend the summer working out, mostly, and it's definitely paid off.

Brandon, who just over a year ago, at the Scout.com combine in Kansas City weighed in at 170 pounds, has checked in at 206 pounds, while improving on his 4.4 speed, being timed at 4.35 this summer. He's also improved his weightlifting numbers, tallying nearly 1100 pounds between the squat, bench press, and hang clean.

Visit-wise, Brandon has been pretty quiet, with only a few quick campus visits over the course of the summer. His father, Rick Wegher, said Brandon's been spending quite a bit of time researching and mulling over his decision, however.

"He's done a lot more this summer than I thought," Rick Wegher said. "I was thinking he was just forgetting about it for a while, just being a kid, having fun and training hard.

"That was important, I told him to do that. I said, ‘It's your senior year, your senior summer. Get ready to win a state championship next year, train hard, and become the best athlete you can become, have fun with it.'

"I think he really did that, it's been a great summer for him. He shut down the recruiting process a bit."

Brandon, who has said he'd like to have a decision made before his senior season starts, looks to still be on track.

"He's always said that, and I don't think he's ever gotten away from that," Rick said. "To be honest with you, it's just in his court. He's holding his cards close to his chest, not really saying much to us, either.

"We're here to support whatever decision he makes. If he wants to bounce ideas or questions off of us, we're just here to support him."

When might Brandon be ready to make that decision?

"I don't know if he'll be making his decision in a couple weeks, in three weeks, in four weeks, it'll be his decision, when he's ready, he'll know it," Rick said.

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