Media Day Q&A: Dan Doering

Dan Doering is entering his fourth year on Iowa's campus, along with the rest of his highly touted 2005 recruiting class. Fourth year players are expected to step up and make significant contributions, and Doering showed progress last year when he got his chance to play.

Q: Do all of the linemen live together?

Dan Doering: I live with Calloway. I don't know where everyone else lives. There are probably some guys that have paired up.

Q: What is your relationship like with Seth Olsen?

Doering: Seth is just a fantastic guy; he hosted me on my official visit. He has taught me everything about what it takes to be a player here at Iowa. He is just a great person and a great mentor.

Q: Iowa has high standards for its offensive line play, and last year didn't meet up to that. Does that motivate you for this year?

Doering: Definitely. You look at the past, and see the guys that have gone through here. We want to keep that bar high, where they put it. The coaches have not lowered the bar for us at all; they pushed us hard all summer long and they will keep doing that so that we improve and then maintain the strides that I think we have made.

Q: What is the relationship like between Jake and the offensive line? There were 46 sacks last year, and that had to be hard.

Doering: It's great. The sacks are part of the game. Our job as a unit is to be fundamentally sound and not give up sacks. Jake is a great quarterback and on top of that, he is a great leader. We all get along well.

Q: Do you ever come back to the huddle after giving up a sack and say, ‘hey, I am sorry'?

Doering: Yeah, sometimes. You just have to flush those bad plays and go to the next play. You say what you need to say if that helps you focus for the next play, and then you have to move on. You can't dwell on that stuff.

Q: How long known Jake?

Doering: I met Jake in my junior year of high school. He was from Lockport, and they had a good high school team and went to state a couple of times. I felt he was a nice kid.

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