Media Day Q&A: Bryan Bulaga

There haven't been too many true freshmen offensive line starters for Iowa since the Hawkeyes got the ball rolling in the Kirk Ferentz era in 2001, but Bryan Bulaga is on that short list. Bulaga is healthy and ready to go for 2008, and we spoke with him at media day.

Q: How are things shaping up for this year on the line?

Bryan Bulaga: I think that we have more than enough guys that can start right now. Getting guys to gel is a big deal but Coach Ferentz wants to get the best five out there. Avoiding injuries will be big for us, too.

Q: Was the line in a collective state of shock last year, as Iowa gave up 46 sacks?

Bulaga: Yeah, that was one of the down points of the season. As an offensive line, you never want to see that in your stat column. It hurt us and that can really hurt the offense, and we are looking to improve that dramatically.

Q: Did the 6-6 record serve as motivation for you guys this summer?

Bulaga: Definitely. The loss at the end was disappointing. We are looking forward to the first game this year. We want to focus on getting through camp, and looking back on that last loss motivates you to do that and we are fired up for the start of this season.

Q: You guys were playing some decent football prior to the loss against Western Michigan. Did that loss make it hard to look back on the things you were doing good at prior to that game?

Bulaga: Hawkeye fans are diehard, and they want to see their team win and we didn't make a bowl game. We had a good run up to the Western Michigan game, and we let a good chance get by us. It was a big down point, but we are working hard and I think we will get that support back from the fans.

Q: I know you guys have a 24 hour rule, but do you try to look back on the good games?

Bulaga: That is something we can look back on, when we watch film. Those games won were not perfect for the line but you can get positives from the tape. But there were negatives during season and we can't forget that.

Q: When you were watching film this summer, did you focus on the good games?

Bulaga: It's a mixture of both. We looked at the games we made mistakes in, and we lost a lot of those games. You have to watch both and learn from the good and the bad.

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