Media Day Q&A: Kyle Calloway

Kyle Calloway has received praise from Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz more than just a few times during his Iowa career. Words like potential, mean streak have also been thrown his way. Will 2008 be the year that Calloway backs things up?

Q: Both Coach Morgan and Coach Ferentz talk about the depth on the offensive line. The competition is there this August, how do you look at it?

Kyle Calloway: Every day something in the lineup can change. Every practice you have to go out and try your best and hope to improve.

Q: Is it hard because everyone is trying to beat each other out??

Calloway: Yeah, but I mean all you can really focus on is improving yourself and just making sure you're watching the film. Make sure you do what you have to do.

Q: Is there added pressure knowing you have an inexperienced backfield?

Calloway: We're just focused on getting our job done. We have to worry about that first.

Q: Do you get more out of watching film when you do things right or when you make mistakes?

Calloway: I would say probably when you make mistakes, that's how you learn from things. Then you go out on the field and try to correct those mistakes.

Q: Is it tough having a summer watching that film and not having the ability to go out and work through it?

Calloway: It is frustrating when you're watching you make the same mistake over and over again. It's also a motivation kind of thing.

Q: Did that Western Michigan lost erase from the minds of a lot of people the way the previous games had gone?

Calloway: I think we started picking up toward the end of the season. We just drop the ball at the end of that last game.

Q: Do you feel like that has sort of been erased from a lot of people's minds that there was an uptick there?

Calloway: You hear mostly negative things. But it is what it is.

Q: Other than lifting and things what can an offense of linemen do during the summer to help the team without the full scrimmages?

Calloway: The strength and conditioning program is huge, there's always known. Film is always available. Just get in there and watch film and try to get better.

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