Media Day Q&A: A.J. Edds

A.J Edds talk to me on Monday at Iowa's annual media day event. Read what he had to say about his former teammates and the young players who will be playing with this year.

Q: You were thrown into a lot of playing time. But you had some guys around you that have a lot of experience.

A.J. Edds: The big thing and took from those guys was what they did off the field and how it translates on the field. Those guys prepared mentally, watching film, meeting with each other on their own time, talking about what needs to be done. It translated onto the field. Those guys didn't just happen into success. All the time and hours and dedication off the field translated. That's something I can take from them also. Just the way they led people. They were kind of quiet guys by nature but when they talked people listened. I'm kind of similar in that role that position. Prepare off the field, it translates on the field, and when you talk people listen.

Q: What are some of the things you've seen in spring and through the summer from some of the younger guys?

Edds: I've seen a young group of guys that's eager, competitive, and they show up every day ready to go. They're all trying to earn a spot. They all know that the other two backer spots are up for grabs and they are out there competing with each other and their own trying to bring their best game to the table, pronounced on Saturdays. I think whoever's out there is going to be the right guy, they're all aggressive they all go after it, and they all lay it out on the line.

Q: What do you expect from this unit?

Edds: I expect similar stuff to what we did last year. Strong defense, run stoppers, guys that do well in the passing game. Guys that can take over a game, I guess.

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