Media Day Q&A: Andy Brodell

Andy Brodell talks about his rehab, his teammates, and Jake Christiansen and its premium Q&A.

Q: What's it like to be finally healthy again and ready to go for new season?

Andy Brodell: It's great, especially exciting for me, it's going to be my senior year, obviously I want to go out with a bang, and have a good year this year. Last year was frustrating, not only from being injured, but seeing how the season ended. I definitely want to rewrite that and have a good year this year.

Q: Talk about when you found the Coach Campbell was going to be joining the team and bringing with them the All-American credentials.

Brodell: It was definitely a surprise, but it was something I look forward to. I hadn't gone through a coaching change here at the University of Iowa, which has been good in a lot of ways. He definitely has a great track record, coming from Michigan, he's coached a lot of great players. It is exciting knowing that we're going to get that caliber of coach.

Q: The struggles that Jake went through last year, could you see how that may be more of a team concept rather than just being on him?

Brodell: Definitely, I agree. Jake is going to building on what he did last year, but a lot of people criticize him for a lot of things. Like you say, I think it was more of a team thing. A lot of inexperience, obviously with Tony and me getting hurt. We had a lot of guys playing, and it's not easy to ask a first-year quarterback to step in and do a great job with a lot of inexperienced guys. All things considered, I think he did. I think that got overlooked with the way the season ended.

Q: What was your role on the sidelines last year?

Brodell: First and foremost, just learning to be injured and learning to be productive when I'm not going to be out there. I was going through rehab and all that, so I was busy with that. The biggest thing was just being supportive for the younger guys, just making sure they didn't get big heads out there. It's obviously a big thing to ask a freshman to go in and start games. I did it once my freshman year, and I knew it felt like, so I was able to give them some support.

Q: Do you still have the burner speed?

Brodell: Definitely I feel like I do. If it's not as fast as I've been, it's not far off. I feel good about how the rehab went, and I feel better now than I did at the end of spring ball. I was able to get through spring ball without any setbacks, and I was able to do that and continue that during the summer so hopefully I can stay healthy this year.

Q: Do you feel good about the team's direction then?

Brodell: Definitely. I think obviously there is a lot of negativity that's been around. Not only off the field things, but the way last season ended. We want to rewrite that. We've got the team to do it, and we feel like we're as close as we've ever been. Those type of things will Do that to the team. We are definitely looking forward to this season.

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