Clayborn Learned from Last Year

Adrian Clayborn finally saw some extensive playing time against Michigan State last year. Once he cracked the rotation, he never looked back and is one of the reasons Iowa fans are very excited about this year's defense

Q: How much are you weighing these days?

Adrian Clayborn: I think the Internet says 280. I am somewhere around there.

Q: So you have reached 280?

Clayborn: Oh yeah, I am at least there. 280-plus.

Q: Do you want to stay at defensive end?

Clayborn: I love end. I hope to stay here as long as possible. I might get moved down, but that would be something I would have to play

Q: When did things slow down for you last year and become a little easier?

Clayborn: The Michigan State game. That overtime, that is when everything just went into place. I started to get my reads.

Q: How did the summer go training wise with the team?

Clayborn: I think the team came together so much, everyone got stronger and faster so I think the summer helped a lot

Q: How did the ‘young' guys look?

Clayborn: Binns looks good, Chad looks good. Lebron looked good, too. Blum, right behind us. All of the guys.

Q: Your unit has most experience (DL) on the defense. Does that put more pressure on you?

Clayborn: I wouldn't say pressure. It's just football. I just play football.

Q: But will you have to be bigger leaders this year?

Clayborn: Right, but it's just us. We bring the leadership and bring the hitting.

Q: What did you learn from the veterans (Iwebema and Mattison) from last year?

Clayborn: I learned a lot from Kenny and Mattison. Klink, and all of them guys. Humpal. They taught us how to be leaders.

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