Myers Getting Major Reps

With Tony Moeaki on the shelf for the next few weeks, Brandon Myers has been a busy man in practice. He received a lot of game experience last year when Moeaki went down with a season ending injury early in the season, and that time has paid off for him in feeling more comfortable this year in camp...

Q: How are things going for you and the team at this point?

Brandon Myers: There are a lot of things to improve on, but I think everyone is getting everything down, getting the details. I think we'll be ready to go in two weeks.

Q: Has anything changed for you with Tony out?

Myers: More reps. That's about it.

Q: You are used to that from last year, do you have a comfort level with that?

Myers: I don't think there's a comfort level all. We just try to go out there every day improve.

Q: I saw three or four tight ends out there in the rotation. What's the depth like?

Myers: We are talented as any position. It's a matter of getting everyone some time. Everyone is rotating in and everyone is doing a good job.

Q: Does this camp have a different feel for you compared to last year?

Myers: Definitely, it's a lot different than the first few years and this is my last go around. You try to make everything count every day in camp.

Q: Last year, the off the field problems mounted and you were involved in an incident. Have you put that behind you?

Myers: I just think you have to grow up. You have to learn from your mistakes, you have to move on; a lot of people make mistakes. It's what you get out of that is what you makes you a better man. You put that behind you. Everyone is looking forward to doing that in this upcoming season.

Q: You're not suspended right?

Myers: Yes, I've had my punishment already.

Q: How was it?

Myers: I made a mistake by lived up to it. It's all behind me and I'm ready to go.

Q: How have you become better since last season?

Myers: I think it takes a lot of game experience, getting on the field. I think that was the biggest thing for me, getting out there and getting reps. The first few games it was kind of fast but after that things slowed down for me, which was good.

Q: What part of your game has improved?

Myers: I think everything is improved. Like I said experience is all you can ask for from young guys coming in. That's what you need is experience and right now that's what I have, which I got last year.

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