Shonn Greene: Ready for the Load

It had been a long time since Shonn Greene had been tackled carrying the football prior to Iowa's training camp. Greene has those first 'hard knocks' behind him now and says he feels up to whatever role the Iowa staff calls on him to carry.

Q: What's been the hardest thing about getting back and getting on the field?

Shonn Greene: The hardest thing has been keeping up with the speed of the game. When you're out a whole year, that's a long time. You have to be in tune with everyone else and you have to keep up the speed of the game. I think I did pretty good job with it so far, but I still have some work to do.

Q: Do you feel you have something to prove in the classroom, too?

Greene: Definitely that's my main goal besides football is just to get into the classroom and get the job done.

Q: What's your major?

Greene: Sociology.

Q: What's your confidence level coming into this season, getting back into things?

Greene: I have great confidence because I'm just happy to be back with the team. They were glad to have me back and that built my confidence up a lot. And I think just being around the guys is going to help me a lot in school and in football.

Q: Did you feel like you received a warm reception from your teammates?

Greene: Definitely, most definitely. A lot of the guys were happy to see me when I first came back and I appreciated that. That's why I knew this was right for me.

Q: A year without contact, what's that like when you go back live?

Greene: It wasn't a big transition because football is football, and I've been a football player all my life. The first time you get hit, you have to keep going.

Q: Are you as quick as you were when you left two years ago?

Greene: I don't know, I can't judge that.

Q: Do you think you are to a point cardiovascularly where you can carry the ball 22 to 25 times per game?

Greene: I'm going to be whatever the coach and the team needs me to be right now, whether that's 20, 22, 10, 15 or whatever the number is it the team needs me to do, I have to do that.

Q: Describe your running style.

Greene: I think I'm pretty much a North and South runner, downhill, get what you can get and go from there. And just keep plugging away throughout the game,

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