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Iowa Football with Kirk Ferentz is a weekly television show that many of you watch during the season. It has been shown this week on University television, and it had some revealing nuggets, including Coach Ferentz commenting on the starting quarterback for the Iowa-Maine game....

These are some of the interesting items from the Iowa Preseason Football Special, which begins airing across the country later this week....

1. The special was recorded on Sunday the 17th, the day after the open practice.
2. Shonn Greene is #1, Paki is #2
3. Jake's the starter
4. 3 areas are completely healthy, RB, QB, and PK.
5. Coming out of the spring, the QB race was even.
6. Jake spent plenty of time in the film room, concentrating a lot on footwork.
7. Jake said it's been a "Different summer in terms of attitude and feel." In a positive way.
8. Rick Stanzi's shoulder was still not 100% at the time of the interview, which may have contributed to his showing at the open practice.
9. During his interview, which again was recorded on the 17th, Tony was asked about his rehab time, he said "3 or 4 weeks, 2 or 3 weeks, we'll see how rehab goes."
10. 4 of the OL starters are set, and there's a 3 or 4 way battle for the 5th spot.
11. Norm said that Clayborn and Ballard both have more speed than KI and BM did last year.
12. Binns was the one to step into the first team spot when either Clayborn or Ballard went out. The "next man in" so to speak.
13. This year, the Leadership Council has a responsibility to "Voice the opinions of the team to the coaches." If the team feels like they see changes that should be made or have suggestions about how to improve things, it goes through the council to the staff. Edds made it sound like this might be different from previous years?
14. Losing Klink/Humpal as well as Hodge/Greenway was a "Kick in the teeth" according to Norm.
15. Several players commented that this year "Everybody's job is up for grabs"
16. Ryan Donahue on his experience last year: "I was scared out of my mind."
17. Jayme Murphy on Kick Coverage: "You have to have a disregard for your body"
18. Sounds like Donahue or Murray at KO, Mossbrucker wasn't mentioned in that part about KOs.

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