Maine Pregame: Jordan Bernstine Transcript

True sophomore Jordan Bernstine entered camp listed as a starting cornerback. After suffering an injury, he ended up second on the depth chart issued for this week's season opener against Maine. The Des Moines native discusses the competition at his position in this transcript.

Are you where you are on the depth chart because of your health?

No, I haven't really looked at the depth chart, so I wouldn't know. We're all out there every practice. I'm working with the 1s and 2s, wherever they need me. So, I'm just trying to help.

Can you talk about the competition since that scrimmage a week and a half ago? There are still a lot of spots up in the air. Can you talk about the progression the last week and a half?

Everyone has been progressing into game week, getting ready, looking for a new opponent other than ourselves.

What's that feeling like that you're finally in a game week for the first time in many months?

It feels good. The tempo is up and everybody is just ready to get out in Kinnick.

How do you put Western Michigan out of your mind? Is that a motivation or is that long gone by now?

It's always going to be a motivation. Last season wasn't our best season, so that's a motivation just in itself. But we're just going to look forward to this season. We're all feeling really good about it and ready to get into Kinnick.

You played last season as a true freshman. Coach has singled out Shaun Prater as a defensive back that might get some time. What have you been doing to help the true freshmen get their feet wet?

You just have to keep them grounded and let them know that everything is coming at them fast. They're just going to have to take it all in and get ready for classes to start and just focus on football still.

Do you see that ebb and flow in practice where they might slow down every couple of days and you have to keep pushing them back towards the right tempo?

Yeah, every once in a while. It gets hard. It's been a long camp. It's a long week, period. You just have to let them know to stay focused and that the season is going to be here and that they're actually going to be able to play against somebody other than ourselves and be in front of a large crowd.

Is there one thing in your mind, one image, that you're most looking forward to about Saturday when you think about game day?

I'm just anxious to come out of the tunnel in front of all the fans and just be back on the field.

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