Maine Pregame: Colin Sandeman Transcript

Colin Sandeman hit the ground running as a true freshman seeing reps in the receiver rotation. With the experience under his belt, the Bettendorf High alum looks to take the next step in his second season. Read what Sandeman had to say in this transcript.

At this point last year, you were probably still trying to figure out which way was up. What did the experience do for you coming into this season?

I just gained so much more confidence getting playing time last year and just got more confident in catching Jake's and Rick's balls and growing as a unit.

Do you feel like you maybe hit a wall midway though last season?

Yeah, there definitely was a learning curve with trying to adjust to the speed and how physical the Big Ten is. I did have some ups and downs last year. I was just trying to learn from last year, and I think I have. This offseason has been great for the team and I just can't wait to get on the field.

Can you talk about the addition of Coach Campbell?

I mean, it's just incredible what he brings to the table. Every day at practice, he's just a high-energy guy. He definitely knows how to coach and he definitely knows his stuff. I'm just trying to take in as much as he has to offer. I watch film and sit in on meetings with him. He just has a lot of insight to wide receiver.

How do you as a player get up for a team like Maine? A lot of fans think it should be a game that you can win in your sleep. How do you keep your focus?

We haven't played a football game in eight months and we haven't been inside Kinnick. Being in Kinnick and having a chance to prove what we have …it's kind of been a tough offseason and we want to wipe the slate clean. To play any time in Kinnick is just huge.

Shonn Green has been a guy that in the past picked up the offense when he brought that pop. What has that done to the offense?

Shonn is a great player. You can see what he did two years ago. Shonn can help us out a great deal. Anytime he gets a big run, it can get the defense more focused on Shonn and it can open up the pass game and boost our confidence even more. Shonn is a big part of our offense.

Is there one thing, one moment, that you look forward to the most on a game day Saturday?

Just running out of the tunnel and getting those goose bumps every time; just hearing the fans. The kickoff is just unbelievable. The fans are why I came here.

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