Maine Week: Rob Bruggeman Transcript

Rob Bruggeman, a former walk-on from Cedar Rapids, was moving up the depth chart in April of 2007 before suffering an ACL injury. He likely would have been a starter last year, and the Hawks could have used him. Bruggeman battled through rehab and has unseated a two-year starter at center. Read what Rob had to say about that and more...

Q: How do you put the injuries from your past out of your mind and feel like you're ready to get out there?

Rob Bruggeman: If you focus on injuries, you're not going to play up to your potential and help the team at all. Injuries happen they happen to everyone. It's not something you focus on when you're out there. I just go out and play football, I have been practicing for a long time and things have been fine.

Q: Do you think back to your walk on days and now you are about ready to start your first game?

Bruggeman: Obviously when you come here, the goal is to play. You just work hard and hopefully you are one of the five best guys. I didn't care where I played, I just wanted to play.

Q: It looks like the two guard spots are up for grabs, what have you seen from the guys there?

Bruggeman: Seth is playing right guard and I think he's pretty much solidified that position. As far as left guard, we rotate a lot, so I'm really not worried about whoever's in there. I think we have a lot of guys that can play and I'm not really worried about it.

Q: Coach Ferentz has been talking about you a lot the past 18 months, and now you have come in and have unseated a two-year starter at center. Does that put pressure on you?

Bruggeman: I just came here and I try to do the best that I can, being a walk-on coming from Cedar Rapids. You just come in and try to do the best you can do. I'll really don't see a lot of pressure, maybe there is a little pressure to succeed from last year for the entire team, but personally I don't think there's any pressure on me, or no more so than anybody else.

Q: Coach said the open practice was the worst that you guys looked in camp. Can you talk about the improvements since that day?

Bruggeman: We are trying to improve every day and we are rotating a lot of guys and guys are getting different looks at different positions. Things change from day to day. We didn't come out and perform like we wanted to do that day. I think we've had days before then and after then where we have been better. So I think we'll get out there and really come together and click is an offense on Saturday.

Q: Are you used to juggling back and forth now on the line? It seems like that's been going on every year.

Bruggeman: The technique doesn't change that much from one position to the other. If you play center you throw the ball between your legs if you play guard, they're closed. A lot of our steps are similar. You can come in one day, and all of a sudden you're playing guard and the next day you're playing center so it's really not that big of a deal. If you learn conceptually what's going on and you understand the offense is not that big of a deal.

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