Maine Week: A.J. Edds Transcript

Just two years ago, A.J. Edds was being talked about as the true freshman on the block who had cracked the Hawkeye starting lineup. Edds enters his third season on the field, and he is in a new role; a veteran leader

Q: How are you feeling about the team in general going into this week?

AJ Edds: We have a week of preparation still and we feel we had a good camp, something to build upon for this weekend. But I think we have a confident group of guys that are looking forward to the game and everyone is pretty anxious to get back into Kinnick and get things going again.

Q: Any chance this team comes out flat Saturday?

Edds: I don't think so. Hopefully not, but I don't see any reason why that would happen. I think we have every reason to come out and kind of prove to ourselves as much as anything that this is a different team from last year with new faces and a new identity. We have something to prove to ourselves and we will start out on the right step this year.

Q: You were the young linebacker for a while, now you are sort of the veteran leader. How does that make you feel?

Edds: It's a little weird now, it hit me more during this spring, when I was kind of going through that phase where I was kind of the senior guy out there, per se. I kind of adapted to the role more, the coaches have asked more from me and rightfully so, being an older guy. I'm just trying to do my best to show the younger guys who were playing their first year how to do things, how to act off the field, how to watch film, how to manage time and how to balance everything. Let them take care of the business on the field.

Q: What are the differences between Jacody Coleman and Pat Angerer?

Edds: They're both great players, they both bring different things to the table. Pat is a faster guy, he's quicker in and out of cuts, in breaks and stuff like that. Jacody is a down hill, hardnosed kind of a run filler, but at the same time, neither one of them has a glaring weaknesses in the passing game or the running game. It will be interesting to see who's playing on Saturday and I'm sure the other guy will have a lot of chances out there as well.

Q: Jacody seems like he brings that pop or excitement to the crowd.

Edds: He's like that. He's always been like that from day one; he's a Southern kid from Texas and he's just excited to be playing football. He kind of brings that to the table and you can see it every day in practice. He's flying around there trying to get everybody excited. You have all that kind of stuff, full speed ahead.

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