Maine Week: Trey Stross Transcript

Trey Stross missed a lot of time last year, battling a hamstring injury that never quite seemed to heal. Entering the 2008 season, Stross felt those problems were behind him until he lunged for a ball in practice and one again injured a hamstring. Stross talks about that frustration in this Q&A

Q: When do you play again?

Trey Stross: You'll have to talk to Coach Ferentz about that.

Q: He didn't know.

Stross: I need to make sure that it's completely healed because last year, I thought it was healed, and I came back and I had to sit out again and sit out again and came back and sat out. So we want to prevent that. We want to make sure everything is good to go. It might be today, it might be tomorrow.

Q: Will it be this season?

Stross: Yes, definitely.

Q: Same leg as last year?

Stross: No, it's the other one.

Q: How will you know when you are ready?

Stross: That's the tricky thing about hamstrings, talk to Adam Shada or anybody else that has had hamstring injuries. It's like a tricky injury; you use it so much and you can fit three days worth of healing and where it feels good and out of nowhere that grabbing comes back. Nothing is seriously wrong with it but we are looking at the big picture of the season so we take it day by day.

Q: How did it happen?

Stross: I was just running an out route and I lunged for the ball a little bit too much. It's more of a technique problem, I'd say.

Q: Since it's happened to you before have they looked into your diet?

Stross: I guess we've been doing a lot more internal an external strengthening. Just because it might be a compensating for weakness. We are trying to make the total package stronger. So that's what we are focused on right now.

Q: How do you deal with not knowing when you will get back?

Stross: It's rough but I have to worry about what I can control. All I can control is to go into treatment every day, making it feel better and taking care of it and hydrating myself.

Q: What have you been doing?

Stross: Strengthening, conditioning, muscle endurance, which is really kicking my butt. I am just doing things that are making it ready so that when I come back on the field I won't miss a step.

Q: How long have you been off the field? Just before the open practice?

Stross: Yes.

Q: How are the other receivers doing?

Stross: There doing great. The good thing about it is when one of us gets banged up, we have people with experience that can step right in. Derrell is going to step up, Chaney, Sandeman and Brodell. They all have experience. You have to keep moving on. Its hard to feel like you're not needed, but it's a good feeling to know that your teammates are there to pick you up and the team won't suffer too much.

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