Rob Report: Maine

Back for another season of news and notes from the press box is the Rob Report. In this week's edition from the Maine game, we supply the dressed list for the opener, an injury report, a look at who played on special teams and a variety of quick hitters.

All-Dress Up: Iowa players in uniform for Maine -

QB - Christensen, Stanzi, Wienke, McNutt, Vandenberg

RB - Hampton, O'Meara, McLaughlin, Morse, Kuchel, Brinson, Greene, Robsinson, Oberland,

WR - Sandeman, Chaney, DJK, Brodell, Paine, Evans, Staggs, Shane Prater, Nordmann,

TE - Herman, Furlong, Peterson, Gimm, Reisner, Griggs, Spading, Meyers,

OL - Postler, Calloway, Meade, Zusevics, Eubanks, Ferentz, Kuempel, Bulaga, Olsen, Bruggeman, McMillan, Gettis, Tobin, Aeschlimen, Koeppel, Haganmann, Vandervelde,

DL - Geary, Narinskiy, Kroul, King, Klug, Hundertmark, Clayborn, Daniel, Bigach, Mahmens, Blum, Gaglione, Ballard, Semmes, Binns, Daniels,

LB - McGrath, Moses, Angerer, Staten, Edds, Hunter,

DB - Sash, Swanson, Castillo, Dalton, Herbst, Cato, Tillison, Greenwood, Rowell, Fletcher, Spievey, Lowe, Morrow, N. Nielsen, Shaun Prater, Conklin,

Special Teams - Donahue, N. Murphy, Murray, Mossbrucker, Schulze, Guthrie.

Injury Report - Tony Moeaki missed the game with a foot injury. He said he wanted to make it back for next week's game against FIU.

Jordan Bernstine also did not dress, missing the game due a hamstring injury. The same injury put Jeff Tarpinian in street clothes. Michael Sabers also sat out the action with an ailment.

Trey Stross was out with a hamstring injury.

Jamie Murphy did not dress, but word around the stadium was that he lost a close member of his family.

Fresh Start: Seven true freshmen saw action for the Hawkeyes. Shaun Prater and Williams Lowe took over at cornerback in the fourth quarter. Jewel Hampton returned kicks and ripped off a 19-yard touchdown run on the first carry of his college career. He later scored again.

David Cato came in at safety in the fourth quarter. Prater, Hampton and Cato played special teams.

Trent Mossbrucker took connected on 35 and 33 yard field goals and two extra points.

Demarco Paine came in as a receiver in the fourth quarter. He caught a pass for 12 yards and a first down on his first series.

Brad Herman came in at tight end in the fourth quarter.

That's Special: Lineups on special teams -

Kick Return - DJK, Hampton, Klug, Moses, Binns, Daniel, O‘Meara, Tillison, T. Nielson, T. Johnson, Conklin

Kick Off - Murray, Angerer, Tillison, T. Johnson, Sandeman, T. Nielsen, Fletcher, Moses, Cato, Rowell, O'Meara, Shaun Prater.

Punt Return - Spievey, O'Meara, T. Johnson, Angerer, Shaun Prater, Brodell, Moses, Kuchel, Fletcher, Sash, Tillison.

Punt Coverage - Fletcher, Spievey, O'Meara, McGrath, T. Johnson, Schulze, Morse, Edds, Myers, Donahue, Angerer.


-Former Hawkeyes Chad Greenway, Mike Elgin, Sam Brownlee, Tom Busch and Marcus Schnoor watched the game from the sideline.

-Dr. Tom Davis received a loud standing ovation at halftime when he was presented to the crowd as a new member of the school's Hall of Fame.

-Paul Chaney served as Iowa's third receiver behind Darrell Johnson-Koulianos and Andy Brodell.

-On short-yardage situations, Iowa used three tight ends in Reisner, Meyers and Peterson.

-Iowa went to a 3-4 defensive alignment early in the game on a third and long for Maine. Kroul came out and Angerer came in.

Rafael Eubanks started at left guard but gave way to Julian Vandervelde on the third series. They rotated throughout with Eubanks getting the bulk of the first half action and Vandervelde seeing more after halftime.

-Jacody Coleman received the start at MLB and played the majority of the time with Angerer getting more reps with the game in hand.

-It's not easy to hear fan reaction from the press box, but there clearly was booing of Christensen after his interception and a standing ovation for Stanzi when he scrambled out of trouble to complete a pass to O'Meara in the flat.

-Iowa was called for three personal fouls. Narinskiy and Dalton were flagged for face mask infractions and Edds got tagged with a horse collar tackle.

The horse collar rule is new to college football this year. Also, all face masks are 15-yard personal fouls this season as the incidental five-yarders is no more.

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