Post Maine: Shonn Greene Q&A

Shonn Greene topped the 100-yard barrier in his first game back in the black and gold since the 2006 season. Though he is not 100 percent as it relates to game shape, he was certainly a sight for sore eyes...

Q: How great was it to see so many guys getting carries today? Jewel Hampton looked great.

Shonn Greene: We have a lot of guys; Paki came in and did a great job, so it wasn't just Jewel. He did a good job as a freshmen coming in. I think the running backs as a group did a very good job.

Q: Some people felt running back might be a weakness this year, with regards to depth. Does that motivate you?

Greene: Yes it does, definitely. Today showed that we have some depth; both of those guys did great and our fullback Brett Morse did great and you have Jordan McLaughlin in there, too. I think the group did a good job.

Q: What were you doing last year during the opener?

Greene: I went to the game.

Q: Were you motivated to get back out? You had to get a job last year.

Greene: Yes, I had to pay for school and it was something that I learned from, an experiences like that. I think I made a positive out of that and now I'm back here.

Q: What did you do on game days last year? You said before you went to two games.

Greene: I was usually studying or in my books, or working I tried to catch them on TV from time to time.

Q: Did anything surprise you today?

Greene: Not really. We had goals to go out there and accomplish. Everybody did a great job in all phases of the game. I'm just happy to come out with the win.

Q: What did it mean to you to be out there on the field?

Greene: A lot. I love football; football is my life and it was a great sigh of relief when I stepped onto that field and played in the game today.

Q: What have you learned about yourself?

Greene: The main thing I learned is that you have to keep on pushing. You will have things that come up in life that aren't going to be good. You have to keep pushing and you cannot give up. You can't blame people and you have to get over the mountain and keep on trucking.

Q: Why did you stay in Iowa and not transfer?

Greene: This is where I wanted to be. They showed me great loyalty by accepting me a long time ago. They actually set up the plan for me to get back. My hat is off to Iowa, the entire Hawkeye family. I love them to death.

Q: Were you winded out there today?

Greene: A little bit, as it was my first game back. We had a game to play and I had to suck it up and get out there and do what I could do.

Q: What was your favorite moment from today?

Greene: Seeing Paki and Jewel run in the ball, getting those guys some carries and some reps. I think that was my favorite part, seeing the other guys do a good job out there.

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