Post Maine: Jake Christensen Q&A

Jake Christensen spent most of the 2007 season running for his life as Iowa gave up 46 sacks. Some of those were on Jake and some werent. He was happy to have an experienced offensive line in front of him during Saturday's season opening win.

Q: Did you think much back to last season when you were out there today? Does that creep into your mind at all?

Jake Christensen: I think it's more from you guys to be honest. I don't think we even have time to think about last season. We want to learn from it, but at the same time it went that behind us.

Q: Do you feel you have the coaches' confidence at this point?

Christensen: Yes.

Q: How is it different splitting time compared to last year when you were getting all the snaps?

Christensen: It's different, because you don't get as many reps. You have to make the most of what you yet.

Q: Do you feel you made the most of what you got today?

Christensen: Yes, besides the interception, I think everything went well.

Q: Talk about the metal reps you take on the sideline.

Christensen: You see some things that you weren't seeing before or when you are out there. It's a different perspective, so it does help a little bit.

Q: How did Shonn look to you?

Christensen: He looked great. He got a little tired in the second half, which is understandable. But the other guys came in and did a good job; Paki did good and Jewel showed us some stuff at the end. I think we have a pretty strong running back trio out there.

Q: What do you take out of today, offensively?

Christensen: We scored when we were supposed to and we drove the ball when we had to, which kept our defense off the field. We got ourselves in a position to win and that's what we need to do all year.

Q: You came out of Chicago with a win last year and then beat Syracuse. Things went downhill after that. Can you feel that again this year, the confidence after win?

Christensen: No, I don't think so. I don't think we felt that last year, that things were going to go bad. Guys started dropping like flies and things went wrong for us. It snowballed. We never think something like that is going to happen. We have a good feeling about this game. We played well today, and the good news is we could have played better and we still won by 43 points. We could have played a lot better.

Q: I do you grade the offensive today?

Christensen: It's okay, you want a peak at the right time. We did pretty good today, but there is a lot of stuff that we have to work on.

Q: Did that interception sting extra because you were scheduled to come out after that drive?

Christensen: Yes, the coach said that stinks because people are going to think it was because of the interception. He just told me to bounce back.

Q: What did the team learn about itself in a game like this?

Christensen: We can drive the ball and sustain drives; that's the big thing. Not necessarily one big playl seven or eight or six or nine yards per play. That's all good things, not many negative yardage plays. I think we had one false start, and that's it, on offense today with regards to penalties. That's a big thing for us.

Q: What did you think of the running game today?

Christensen: We ran the ball well, but we'll see bigger defensive lineman than that later on down the road. Maine is a good team and they played hard the whole time, but we will have to do better.

Q: Today was the first time that some fans attended a sporting event since the devastating floods and storms this year. Did that cross your mind today?

Christensen: Yes, it did a little bit. First and foremost, we want to thank the fans. With all they have been through, and with how the season ended last year, they had every reason to turn away from us. The fact that they came out today and there was a sellout, that says it so much. We have the best fans in the country. There's no doubt about that. To come out here when some people don't have homes and they want to watch us play, that means a lot to us.

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