Post Maine: Rick Stanzi Q&A

Rick Stanzi threw four game passes in his career prior to Saturday's game against Maine. He completed 9 of 14 on Saturday and now has his feet wet as he and Jake Christensen split reps. Stanzi talked about that performance after the game...

Q: How would you rate your performance?

Rick Stanzi: There were a couple passes that I missed, a few checks and some other things, but I am not really worried about that, I was focused on the victory. We will take a look at the film and see what happened.

Q: Is it hard to get in a rhythm with the rotation?

Stanzi: I thought that it might be, but at the same time you're eager to get out there and play. Once the first play is over, things are back to normal.

Q: Looked like you scrambled well today.

Stanzi: I was trying to get out of the pocket and use my feet when I had to. Coach always says don't force with your throws, force with your feet. So that's in my mind, I try to turn that play into something.

Q: When you first came in was that by design?

Stanzi: Yes, it was by design, the coaches told us what the deal would be.

Q: Has it been explained to you that you will do this again next week?

Stanzi: It will be up to the coaches. We will watch the film and do whatever he says and we'll go from there.

Q: You don't know if this is the plan going forward?

Stanzi: No.

Q: Talk about the offensive line play from today.

Stanzi: The line did a great job. They always play their butts off and it's great having them up there. They're tough kids all across the board; defensive line, offensive line, receivers; everyone played well today.

Q: Is this an open audition for quarterback?

Stanzi: We'll have to see. It depends on what coach calls for. It's his decision and we are out there competing.

Q: Have you been told that you will have an opportunity to win the job?

Stanzi: No, there's been nothing specific like that. Coach says that we're always competing. We are trying to win ballgames and the best 11 will be out there.

Q: What does coming in and out do to a quarterback?

Stanzi: It does what you make of it. If you let it bother you, it will bother you. You can't worry about it and you just have to play football. That's something I have been doing since the fourth grade.

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