In State Offensive Lineman Commits to Hawkeye

Decorah's Brett Van Sloten has committed to the Iowa football program, and he is the sixth known commitment in the Class of 2009. He also becomes the fifth in state player in this class. Decorah Head Coach Bill Post talks about his player and his attributes...'s Brian Finley spoke with Decorah coach Bill Post about Brett Van Sloten's commitment to Iowa....below is the Q&A of that conversation...

Tell me about Brett as a player, what made him stand out and get that D1 interest?


First of all, he is a big boy.  He has pretty good stature for a player on our team.  He is 6-7, 255-pounds right now.  We don't normally get kids that big, so that has helped.  His dad played at Iowa State and played Big 8 ball, and his dad loves football.  Brett has been a very athletic minded young man.  He likes to be involved in whatever sport is in season.  He has done a great job contributing to our high school.  His frame, his body fell hand in hand for him to play football.  He loves to do that, and I think that is one of the things that I see anyway that figured into the mix.


With his size, it's probably easy for him to overpower a lot of players.  What do you see in him with regards to technique?


We are trying to improve that all of the time.  Right now, he has been able to dominate in our practice sessions and he can control anyone.  No one can match up to him real well.  He will find some people down the road that will, but he needs to work on his technique.  HE is so tall and long legged, it's hard to stay low and down and we are stressing that with him, to maintain and protect his legs as much as we can.  He has very good arm strength, good hands; he uses his hands well.  It's hard to get a body on his body, because he wards you off so well with his hands.  The part of the technique we want to work on is keeping low and moving at the lower level.


Tell me about him as a person, what sort of leader is he?


He was elected one of our captains last spring, so he has taken that responsibility very seriously.  He is a serious young man, a very good student, he is a 3.9 student, so with those characteristics, the type of leadership he has is displayed.  He works very hard and he leads both by example and vocally, taking command and trying to organize things and keep them moving along.  We had one of our best turnouts for summer lifting this summer, and I think he was instrumental in that.  Our captain practices we have, a week or so before football started, we had 60 or 70 kids at that, which he was instrumental in organizing that and getting that going.   He had a lot of young kids interested in football and doing things, so he has been a leader by example and by encouraging others.  Sometimes he gets a little more forceful when he tells guys that things have to be done a certain way, so he is not afraid to step up and do that part of it, too.   But he isn't overbearing, he has done a nice job and I think that most kids respect him and look up to him.  He is taking that responsibility in a positive way.


You were involved in the recruiting process a bit being his coach, how do you think that felt for him?  Did he have early interest, or did that come on this summer?


They were looking at him last fall, by midseason of last year, there were several schools interested in him.  It's gone very well.  He has several offers.  I know his goal was to play Division I football.  There were several schools that were going to give him that chance.  Iowa State was interested, UNI was interested in him, he visited Kansas and they were very interested in him.   There were four schools in the Midwest that really interested him, and I think he wanted to stay fairly close to home so that his parents and family could see him play.  I think that was a big factor there.  With Iowa, I think he really liked the coaches and situation there.  I don't thi9nk he has been deterred by the various situations there in the last year.  He is the type of young man hopefully that will solidify the Iowa program with the type of Iowa kids they are used to having.  I am looking forward to him being one person to help them do that.

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