Pre FIU: Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Q&A

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has been catching passes from both Jake Christensen and Rick Stanzi all spring and summer. He talks about the quarterback battle, in addition to being in his third season at the receiver position...

Q: You have caught balls from both Jake and Rick, can you compare and contrast the two?

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos: It's the same routes and the same plays. You play hard no matter who is in there. Whomever happens to win the spot, that is fine. As of right now, we are trying to figure it out.

Q: From your vantage point, what does one of them have to do to win the job?

Johnson-Koulianos: Make good decisions, put us in the best position to win ballgames. Everyone will make mistakes, but whoever can limit them is going to be the guy out there.

Q: How tough is it to answer questions about the QB?

Johnson-Koulianos: It's tough. You are on the same team, they are your friends and they are competing. There is only one out there at once. But we are always competing, everyone wants to be out there. But those guys are still your friends.

Q: How much better are you and the other receivers this year with that experience from last year?

Johnson-Koulianos: It's huge. The game has slowed down a lot, you know a lot more and what to expect, how to go about preparing for games. One year is a huge difference.

Q: Does it give you confidence?

Johnson-Koulianos: Absolutely. We are more comfortable because we know what to expect. Going into my third year as a receiver, I have a good grasp of what will go on during a game.

Q: How are the QB's handling the competition, as it has to be tough to be in there for three series and sit out for an hour.

Johnson-Koulianos: Going into the game, both guys knew that was going to be the three and three set. You put on a show when you have the chance, and every play counts and every throw counts, because they knew they would be critiqued and we are still trying to figure it out

Q: There is an adage that you make the most improvement from week one to week two…

Johnson-Koulianos: We watched the film and saw what we did wrong, and correct those things and make the good things better. We will find out if that is true.

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