Pre FIU: Rick Stanzi Q&A

Quarterback Rick Stanzi is involved in the football battle of his lifetime, as he and Jake Christensen are squaring off to earn the #1 position for the 2008 season. Stanzi talks about and more in this Q&A...

Q: Do you feel this might be one of last chances for one of you to assert self as the starter?

Rick Stanzi: I don't know if its one of the last chances, it's the second week of the season and that is a big week. We are coming off of a big game, and its important to respond and follow up with another good week, and that starts today in practice.

Q: What was your take from your performance on Saturday?

Stanzi: There is room for improvement. We talked about that, and we all see where we need to get better and we will see that this week in practice and take that to the field.

Q: Do you have a good feeling of what the coaching staff is looking for in terms of separation?

Stanzi: Yes and no. It's their choice, and all you can do is go out and play and see what happens. The best thing we can do is give effort and try to make this offense better as a whole.

Q: How hungry are you to be starter in the Big Ten?

Stanzi: Obviously very hungry. It's not something you don't want to do, it would be great. Our focus is on improvement as a whole, and if we can get that done, we will be well on our way.

Q: Did you hear the cheers for you when you went in?

Stanzi: I don't really hear ea lot on the field, so it doesn't play a big role. But its nice to hear some cheers when you go out there.

Q: How hard is to stay in the game, stay loose, when its so long between your reps on the field?

Stanzi: It's not tough, you have to focus on doing that. It;'s not seoimthing you have done before. I try to warm up on the sidelines when you know you are going in and it helps to know so you can stay loose and throw the ball around, keep your mind in the game so when you do get your shot, you are ready to go.

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