Pre FIU: A.J. Edds Q&A

A.J. Edds didn't come away from Saturday's win against Maine as impressed as some of the Iowa fan base. He saw some things that the Hawkeyes need to clean up before they step back on the field against Florida International this Saturday.

Q: How did the defense play this weekend, after seeing the tape?

A.J. Edds: We played OK. We did some good things, but they ran for too many yards and we gave up too many yards on basic stuff, but its correctable, things we normally do and we have been doing. For whatever reason, we didn't do it all games and showed it at times. We were not as consistent as we needed to be which will be a point of emphasis.

Q: What sort of things do Jake and Rick bring to the table?

Edds: I am not in their meeting room or the offensive game plan, but from watching from an outsiders point of view, they are different guys in the way that Jake has more game experience, he might know the offense better. Rick looks like he is out there playing, no pressure on him and a school yard kind of making plays mindset right now. Those guys will be battling it out and I can see them sharing time until one of them emerges as the guy. They are both good quarterbacks and we will be in a good situation either way.

Q: Is it hard to know how well you played when you went up against Maine?

Edds: Yes and no. That is a game that we should win, and it was good to see. But at the same time its hard to know where you are, because we made some mistakes that down the road, people will capitalize on those much more if we do them again. It's tough in that regard, but we know how to look at ourselves based on anyone we play. We know there are things to correct regardless of who we play.

Q: Florida International's Offensive Coordinator was at Purdue. Do you expect to see that sort of system?

Edds: We might. I think we look at what they did last year, and then one film from this year against Kansas. So we will look at all of that. We know they will spread things out, they have athletes on the outside and at running backs, they have good tight end. We will see the same kind of offense we will be seeing a lot of the Big Ten season, spread things out. Like short runs, those short little passes. It's a similar game plan as we had against Maine. They spread things out, so that will be similar. We will be ready.

Q: Were missed tackles a big problem last week?

Edds: Yes, there were. That is one thing on film, there were guys in position a lot and for whatever reason didn't make plays they should have. That running back was quick and he capitalized on that. Down the road, if we have that many missed tackles, it will be tough on us.

Q: Is it harder to get up for games against weaker teams?

Edds: I don't think so. There should be that pride each week playing in Kinnick and reestablish this as a tough place to play. It was like that 2002-2204, and we let it slip last year. It will be big for us to make sure that we bring the intensity, focus and mindset each week no matter who we play, but especially at home.

Q: And the fans keep on turning out…

Edds: It puts into perspective, that we need to go out and give our fans something to be happy about. It would be easy for them to stay home and not come out the way they do, especially finishing weak last year. For them to come out, it will be big for us to keep giving them something to cheer for.

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